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Email Updates


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Yserbius.Org recently secured a dedicated server to host Our online version of Yserbius. As of now we do not plan on moving the online version we are currently running to it. Not at least, until we implement the serverside program which will be used for characters login chats etc etc.

We have however implemented a Team Speak Server this service is for use by Yserbius Members in the future to use while in the Cano if they chose to talk rather than Type.

Yserbius.Org will also let members of Yserbius.Org who are Empiriana members use the service while playing Empiriana. That being said if anyone needs use of the TeamSpeak Server please respond I will then post more info.

ATTENTION ALL Yserbius.Org email account holders. Due to significant increases in bandwidth consumption and Storage we will be shifting Yserbius.Org email services to the new server and migrating email accounts from a Yserbius.Org to a Yserbius.Net. Yserbius.net will also begin handling more of the Development Issues for YS1 and YS2. This shift in services is expected to take 30 to 60 days during that time we will continue to provide normal email services. At such time each account holder will be notified via email and here on the board that their .Org account has been suspended and all emails will be forwarded to your new email account. Information regarding this new email account will be issued in advance. Please be prepared to change all information regarding email accounts whereever you may use the .Org account. 30 days after final notification all .Org user accounts will be deleted and emails to those accounts bounced. so please when we tell you to switch notify your friends.
Also with regard to the new server We received this notification from the company we leased our server from so please plan accordingly if you wish to use the TeamSpeak Server.

In order to better protect your dedicated servers from unanticipated outages, we have scheduled an emergency maintenance operation for this Friday night, September 16th, 11:59PM PST.
The purpose of this maintenance is to replace the faulty circuit breakers that were mentioned in the customer communication e-mail sent on August 25th .
We would like to ask you to please shut down your server anytime before midnight on Friday, and we will turn all servers back on when the maintenance work is completed.
The work will most likely take no longer than 60 minutes. If you have any special requirements regarding your servers, please send an email to us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.
We really appreciate your patience and cooperation as we strive to improve our services.

Note Teamspeak will be activated the following morning as I will be asleep when they turn it back on... Slohand