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Macros, Condolences for your, Beamer's family and Empriana's loss. Beamer was a well respected member here on Yserbius.org if there is anything we can do. I have issued a mass email notifying all our members of his passing and make a post for him on the wall of Yserbius Memorial


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Well I hope all is not lost, I have emailed Mac but no reply.. he did email and tell me about Dave..very sad indeed.. maybe when he gets free time he will restart emp in memory of Beamer..


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Hey SD, sorry I missed your email, life has been extremely hectic this last year (in a good way at least). I'm determined to bring Emp back online eventually such that it can stay up on a continuous basis. All materials and the most recent player database image is still intact, it just hasn't been up.

The main problem I've wanted to address for a long time is the aged graphics library that Emp used. The big issue is that Windows 10 DirectX doesn't support the archaic resolution of the original Emp. Not being able to run it under Windows 10 is a pretty big constraint that will only become more and more problematic as time goes on.

I mulled over options for quite sometime and finally decided that what has to be done is to migrate the graphics platform to a modern graphics framework. I was hoping to find a quicker path for that but that is the proper approach. That's what needs to be done. I actually have been working on this in bits and pieces over the last year as time permits. When complete, there should be no more issues such as the Windows 10 compatibility problem.

I'll continue to work on it and hopefully something will be ready for use before the holidays this year. Then I can set about putting a proper memorial for Beamer in the Emp world and also start the process of modernizing some of the artwork to match.

As that progresses and there are noteworthy things to report I will come back and update here.


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Where to you need me to send the check? And another two six-packs of Heineken?!!? I would hand-deliver it once again but I suspect you live further than Dana Point these days! -)

Thank you for this effort, as always. I wish I were versed in programming/graphics to help but alas, I focused in manufacturing sector.

I'll ask a redundant question: Have you tried running Emp in Compatibility Mode in Windows 10? I still have a few stand-alone games & programs that run fine using that feature.

Thanks for not giving up! -)


P.s. Another old game, Illusia:Quest for the Eternals GMUD, also still exists but the owner "Randor" now works for Microsoft and doesn't want to resurrect the game...unless he makes $$$ off it. He might bring it to mobile platform if he can get investors! (shesh...people...its ONLY a gmud for krikey!>.<)


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ready before the holidays? that would be a great gift. :D

i really think a lot of people would love empiriana who never got to play it. soon as it comes back for good (and out of beta, if needed again), i bet it'd be popular if talked about on various places online (reddit etc)
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Agreed! I'd love to help in some way in keeping Emp alive and I'm afraid that as more and more time passes we're losing our stalwart fans. :(


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there are a lot of people here willing to help bring it back online. lets bring it back and put a memorial in there too for beamer. and spread it around to places like reddit etc -- retrogaming, especially if offered for "free" -- would get a lot of new fans i'd bet.