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Fried Tater


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"I canna belive me eyes!! I go away on a few week hitus and everyone be quitin the roleplayin, I am appalled errrr or whatever that words be.. I seen Bones and Arboc, The China woman Cyren and the Arboc, have all but forgotten what is most important. To miny te leest here. Donna make me go to shakin me money maker in yer Taverns to get business to going gin. Where is mangy hound at btw. I seen me a Dog catcher the other day askin bout it. tolds me he was the Realm Dog catcher but hes gottin him a Allergies,.,,, har har of all things it be of Dogs!!! tells me what kinds of Dog Catchers be lergys to Dogs Har Har!!!" Oh and theres a Talkin Wyvern or sumptin. There no counting fer telligence anymore. sigh and there be me wee one the fairest Lily sigh, shes got a busom just makes me wanna ,, ,,,,, speakin of which who took my pillows while i was gone!!!!. Canna belive thes place. ya swear everyone was Jobs poor turkey and afraid it were the last days!!" the Tater

"Navic tanks fer me new Stage the last one was putting the splinters in me a...... so i needs everyone to comes on down to the Taverns and Joins me for a bits of the fun this weekend. Dont forgets now.. and fer all use ones over in the new place YSUOs be sure and looks for the Taters he gonna be outs minin for gold in the caverns of Mordor. any wanting to accompany me on such a perilous journey needs to lets me know."

"Shake it and you will make it"


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There's a lovely stage in the playhouse in Britain, Tater. I, myself, have found occassion to use it a time or two for the entertainment of a loved one.

Don't limit yourself, I'll use the eyes in my heart and not in my head and I'll see exactly what it is you lay before the adoring crowd.


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TATER!!! We missed ya 'ol friend! I made sum'thin special for ya... <jumps on stage... pulls a drop cloth hanging from the ceiling to unveil a brass pole> You know how to work it... :p


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*reads the fine script on the bottom of the pole*

Tater....puttin' out fires wherever he goes.

Niiiiiiiice! Thats one of those statements that can just be taken so many many ways. Perfect for Tater, who also can be taken so many many ways. Shake that money maker, baby!

*stirs a pot of coppers with her quirt*


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"And I'll make a mint selling THESE babies at the door."

(Unveils several thin poles with a wad of beeswax on one end.)

"Don't you get it..patrons can use these to tip Tater when he's dancing."

(sticks a gold piece in the wax and demonstartes how far away you can keep away from Tater's,..er...Money Maker)


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Hmmm.... mayhap you'd want to put a little umm... grease, you know. Just in case... My depth perception.. Err..


*snaps leather gloves in place*

I'll be fine. Hate to make a cottage fry of Tater with a poorly jabbed 10 foot pole. :)


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Merry Meet Fried! Where is de Mama? It's been years since I've seen
her! Tis Toy Dreidel I be! Actually, I am in conctact with a few of the TOYS in WoW and do indirectly keep in touch with the Mama, but she should be here...shouldn't she be?

Toy Dreidel