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Hail all and where are you!!


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AGGHH!!! OMG!!! I cant beleve this!!! FJKFNEDO FNJF W!! !!FKN EOFNE !!! Ok Im calmed dont now.... I cant beleve this site exists... I MISS YOU ALL!!! I dont dont know who will rember me... I think in teh guild I made it up to Prince before everything exploded... ummmm I miss this damed game... I play World of Warcraft now... Are any of you there?


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Hail KOY! (good lord I haven't said that in a very long time...lol) A Former SAA, under the name PYRO VIII. Don't really recognize anybody here nor do I remember the name of my OVL but it was still good times.

As for me, I moved on to playing Unreal Tournament (original and 2004)...It's not RPG, but some of the best online play since Yserbius IMHO....but SoY and FoT are in a league of their own anyways.


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Hail KOY!

Hail KOY!! I haven't thought about Yserbius for many a year, but today my thoughts travel back to the days of my lightning swift 80386 computer and it's fabulous 9600 baud modem.

Of all of the names I see posting, I only remember Listle. I wasn't in KOY very long before I stopped plaing on TSN, so I doubt you remember me.

I had an ALT named Lady Arista who hung around with a small group of other female characters in a group called SOTM (nothing wierd, they were mostly guys that had ALT Characters that were female). Both of these characters came to Yserbius from Prodigy's Rebel Space. My main, Race Pilsner, also hung out with a group of vets from Rebel Space who formed a group called KORS.

After leaving Yserbius (the sameness of the play got dull after awhile) I played Victory (by Rolling Thunder Games) until my team conquered the world, then I switched to another medeval based online game from Jagex called RuneScape where I have dwelt since 2002. Race Pilsner still walks the dark paths of the Wilderness, closing in on the 16th year of the character names existance.

Great to make your acquaintences, and Listle, it's nice to see your name again.



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Hail KOY! :/

I suppose as the last OVL of KoY I should probably post here. I probably earned the unofficial "Evil Overlord" title I was given as the last active OVL to play on the network. Spent a little time on AOL after INN was shut down, but it just wasn't quite the same after that and it was time to let the old dreams rest for a while.

It's kinda neat we got a forum all to ourselves for the ol' guild. Was with KOY for a long time, starting in Roleplay Inn and eventually splitting time between RPI and Evil Way. I certainly recognize a few of the old names here!

I was fortunate to have been a beta tester for INN 2.4 which allowed me to stay with the network until they literally pulled the plug. Yserbius added a lot to my life experiences during my high school years, some good and a little bad, but overall many good times and memories shared with friends. I can honestly say that TSN/INN and Yserbius changed my life...

I married someone I met in Yserbius! Not sure how many might remember Don Jose or Wynter...can't recall any other names he used right now, but DJ and I have been married for 5 years now. We have a 3 year old son and another little one due April 3, 2006. We both still love to play online games (together of course!) and are currently playing EQ2 (Befallen) and WoW (Azjol-Nerub/Doomhammer). As responsible gamer parents, we've been teaching our prodigy how to play as well! ;)

I remember the old RPI "family hedge" after I was adopted by Goldmoon and learned of the thousands "brothers and sisters" I had inherited as part of the "family". I also learned how to be a proper tavern wench. I think I spent more time roleplaying in the tavern serving up CFSMS and clown noses than I did actually playing the game in the volcano. I also remember the many times KOY would banter with The Mercs and KAAOS. One of my favorite nights was when Thyrm from the The Mercs said I was his hero. Maybe only for 10 minutes, but that's probably as close as a "thank you" I'd ever get from our rivals. To think all it took was showing him how to finish the Ruins of Cawdor (which I had beta tested and knew by heart back then). Hehe!

Hail and well met all! I hope at least a few of you will recognize this lil Elven Ranger that's all growed up now! :/


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As the founder of KOY, I really must admit that the spirit that everyone still has is awesome. It is great to see some of the old names back and posting and i trully hope everone finds themselves doing great in life. I can remember all the orginal Overlords I swindled into joining up. People like Lord Jolen to Lord Arthur. If the same group of folks were to join in a game in the same guild, I am sure it would be a force to behold.

Be safe folks



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Wow, KOY!

This place is just too painful sometimes. Rainstorm, you inducted me into KOY personally, and you made me Nymph's Personal Bodyguard. I wish I could remember which name that was under; I believe it was Gideion but i'm not sure. Would be neat to see if you still had a guild roster around to figure that out.

I had SO many characters I cant remember them all, and just have a few in my sig that I can remember after a decade.

I played TSN/INN til they pulled the plug, I dont know if I should say this, but drawn up in the "Credit Card" scandle of TSN/INN. Man did that suck for me, since I was just pretty much starting high school at the time!

Anyways, great to see you around Rainstorm, and give Nymph a snog for me, will yas?


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I'm trying to remember if you were the last KOY Overlord in Yserbius, Andrea. I know I was there with you over Sorcerer's Tower while you had Roleplay Inn, but I can't remember if I demoted myself down to Squire before that place went under.

Anyway, I have the distinction of being the last KOY Overlord of Empiriana...even though the guild name really doesn't make much sense in another land.

Good to see everyone!


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Last KOY OverLord on Sword Swamp

If memory servs right I was the last KOY Overlord on Sword Swamp...was Lord before that on SS under the honorable Lady Amyrlin..good friends..miss so many.


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Hey Hunter,

Amy told me to tell you hi. This is Wes, former KOY of LL and SS. Lots of memories in this thread, Amyrlin and I meet through Ys and just celebrated 12 years together. Its good to see Bretide and Andrea around still, I remember bumping into you two and some others years past in Empriana. We are currently playing in EQ2 on the befallen server our mains are Dirric and Else, look us up if you play.

Lord Jolan

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Greetings my lords and ladies! *bows*

I know, it took me long enough to find the place. LOL
Actually my brother stumbled across it and told me to have a look.
It's really great to see so many familiar folks! What a great guild KOY turned out to be. Who would have thought? Did you Rainstorm? :D

I can currently be found in Warhammer Online these days. Although I've been in so many different lands since last I saw most of you all.

Hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

Till then... Safe Journies and Good Hunting!

Lord Jolan / INNJoe


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Welcome home! People still pop in and out of here.... It's real quiet though, I think mostly because we're all to busy staying afloat. lol


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Hail KOY! ...and well met. I was a much younger man the last time I said that.
Sword Swamp was my home where I was Lord serving the honorable Overlord Innocence. I have many fond memories of those times, especially the Fox Hunts hosted in the Swamp every Sunday; or was it Saturday? No matter. I recognize many names here of old; although they may not remember me. It's good to find this place where we shall oil the rusty times.