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I feel like a Tater


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*sets her one of hers (the toad), Kattah and Dexbramah (bat minions - slowing recovering from a head on collision with an airborn spud) onto the middle of the table, kicks off her leather boots, props her feet next to the menagerie, tilts her chair back and waits*

"I've got butter, soured cream, and pork pieces - all I need now is a TATER! All I hear wherever I go is "I can't bear to look upon Tater". This sounds like a challenge to me. I'm up for it."

*extracts a quirt, smiles, and waits*


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<Walks into the tav sport'n his new 'tauch courtesy of Cyren (see avatar)...>
Patrons: What's new, Navie?
Nav: Terrorists, Tater. They've taken over my stomach and they're demanding beer. :p

Thanx to Cheer's for that line :)