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::kills everyone::


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Death Scene:

*shrieking* "Es Tu, Kyrandos!? Es Tu?"

*Staggers, shaking hands cupping, err clutching her breasts. Panting, low moans escape her shriek ravaged throat. She's not long for this world.*

"Please...have MERCY." *Falling, a chair breaks her descent, a resounding THUMP follows her forehead connecting with the table top. A backward flop completes the work Kyrandos began. She stared up into his face with hopeless eyes.*

"I didn't know there was no H in w00t." *inches a forgiving hand nearer his haxx0red sw0rd.* "D00d, if U w0uld h4v3 j0in3d m3 w3 c0uld h4v3 pwn3d 2g3th3r."

I wub U. *logs out*