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screwy post times


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Okay, like when are you going to fix the board posts times man. hehe.

If I'm not logged in, the post dates are all over the place. I'm like, dude - he just posted a minute ago - and it's showing up as tomorrow's date?! What the..?

I know you can change the local time for yourself, but you gotta be logged in, and sometimes I forget to even set my login name's time correctly.

Here's a link I found that has some GMT times listed:

I know phpBB boards have a default time you can set, so it should be a simple fix. I'm thinking you should probably set it somewhere between GMT-4 and GMT-8, depending on what part of the country rocks more. I say East Coast does but I'm a bit biased. ;)


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hows that?

Ok hows that? Greenwich Mean Time -4 hours ,,, Slo

Hmmm i edited the Time and it still shows up wrong, i will look into it.,,, Slo


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Well thanks, I am trying to hold this site together best I can,, so if ya see something I dont please let me know, Tiger, Cyren and Navic are involved alot in the site so tell them if i am not around, between us all we will figure it out.. Slo


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Post times seem correct for me? Make sure in your Forum Profile, which is diffrent for some reason, then the normal profile, that you have the correct Time zone selected.