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*Liz'rd and Bones move to the outside of the tavern. Liz'rd flicks his tongue about, then turns and nods his head to Bones*

[Bones]: "It seems we walk in circles. Lets be hopeful this is the last visit to this erm.. 'wet spot'"

*Liz'rd snickers, then pushes the tavern door open. Bones steps in behind him. Inside they find but a few people about talking, drinking or splashing in puddles of alcohol*

*Bones lifts a familiar note of advertisement off the wall and turns to address the patrons*

[Bones]: "Has anyone here seen the man responsible for posting this?"

*A slightly inebriated Barb has gathered a load of supplies together and looks up to see the two creatures who have entered the bar. He stands, swaying briefly, and meets their gaze with his own, before speaking*

[ShoeHorn]: "That'd be me. I uh.. don't think she dances for the undead, sorry. *hic* What the heck are you doin in here anyw--"

*Bones draws his sword and approaches the Barb. ShoeHorn backs up clumsily and ineptly lifts a double edged axe from its bind behind his back. Liz'rd closes in on him as well with his own sword drawn*

[ShoeHorn]: "What... what do you want?" *His eyes shift back and forth between the skeleton and his lizardfolk companion while his heavy head bobs and his unsteady arms struggle to keep the axe steadfast in front of him*

[Bones]: (watching the Barb) "YOU?! You killed the guardian?! HAH, look at you, barely able to hold your own weapon!" *Bones points his sword at the human's axe*

[ShoeHorn]: "Guardian? Wha-- the beast on Mt Strugg?!" *his eyes raise up and to the side as he remembers "Why.. *hic*..that was years ago!"

*Liz'rd moves to the side of him grinning, twisting his sword in his hands*

[Liz'rd]: "Sssstruck, is what u will be... hehehehe"

[Bones]: "Strugg? A mountain? This was no mountain, cretin. This was our place of gathering, DMY's sanctuary. You had NO place trespassing there"

[ShoeHorn]: "DMY.. hmm.. I've seen that before.. yes!" *He takes one hand and rubs his forehead* "But.. but it was a dream, surely. That hideous spider.. that little girl.. that awful dungeon"

*Bones looks to Liz'rd. Liz'rd shrugs*

[Bones]: "You've seen the dungeon? What have you done there. Who was with you?" *He presses forward, his blade almost touching the edge of the Barb's axe, then pauses. "Little girl?"

*ShoeHorn shakes his head trying to sober himself*

[ShoeHorn]: "Listen.. all I know is.. I had a dream about some stone structure... just outside of Evil Way - where this disgusting spider attacked me and err.. paralyzed me somehow, dragging me into an undeground lair. But.. the next thing I know I'm waking in my bed at the tavern." *He pulls some strands from a web from one of his pockets, and ponders it*

[Bones]: "Hmm.."

[Liz'rd]: "Letssss ssslit hisss throat right where he sssstandsss" *Liz'rd prepares to lunge*

[ShoeHorn]: "Woah... hey.. I didn't do anything! You have the wrong guy!"

*Bones gestures to Liz'rd to back off

[Bones]: "We must honor the system, Liz'rd. Human, you will come with us to stand trial for this murder. If you are truly innocent, we will release you. For now, you are our prisoner."

[ShoeHorn]: "I think not." *ShoeHorn lifts his axe to his shoulder in an attack stance*

*Bones pauses to consider the situation, then pulls out a wand*

[Bones]: "Liz'rd, do that thing you did back at Misty Hollow" *He tosses the wand to Liz'rd, who scoffs at it*

[Liz'rd]: "Bah! Sssswords over ssssorccery, ssssir!"

[Bones]: "Do it!"

*Liz'rd sighs, eyes the wand for a time, then lifts it and strikes out reluctantly at ShoeHorn with it. ShoeHorn attempts to block the blow, but a bolt of lightning had already lept across the space between the two and begun to send its current through his flesh and blood. He is knocked back by its force and falls to the floor, convulsing wildly. Minutes later, it is over. He lay unconscious in front of them.*

[Bones]: "Good. It is done"

[Liz'rd]: "sssstupid ssssorccery. No cccchallenge. No blood... No battle! arrg"

[Bones]: "Less time this way. Now, bind him and we shall drag his limp body back with us to the hall."

*Bones and Liz'rd lug the unconscious Barb out of the tavern, along with the supplies he acquired in tow. Finders keepers? Not this time*

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<Silently watch's the events unfold from behind the bar. Grabs his Tire Iron of Tig Bashing and sneaks out the back as the motley undead crew drag Shoey out the front. Hiding in the shadows he keeps an eye on the crew... Wish I had some backup... Tater, Tiger, LC... where's everyone...>