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As you can see the Play Yserbius Online Version is making headway. We have the first part of the game online now click on *Play Yserbius Online in the left menu. we plan on being in the Tavern within days.

Oh and btw way The newsletter is in the downloads section, the crazy editor i wrote that in did not want to give the links correctly please be sure and download it and read it is very nice one and we worked hard to bring it to you folks,, plus there is info in there i bet you want to read hehe..

so it is our intention to Host the Online Version on our site. Members will be able to play here as well as download the Client application for playing without a browser. So if your at a friends house and want to show them YS then dial up yserbius.org and your in. it is just another feature being brought to you by the Yserbius Development team. Thanks all for your support.. Slohand