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Well I hope you all had a good weekend.
I spent the weekend working on the Yserbius Walk through... I borrowed the walk through from Xenther and had to recode the whole thing into PHP and then convert php into modules so it would work on Nuke... it took ten hours of pretty much non stop work to do it. But I think I got it all. If you get a chance run through it and let me know if it looks ok to you. I revamped the Ranking system to correspond with the new HP/MP/EXP feature and readjusted the HP/MP so they show higher values and cost less MP's to post as well the raised the regeneration rate of MP.
We are the no.1 ranked website on 5 of the 7 search engines I went to. Could have checked more but I was happy. So for now I don’t feel I need to change our Meta file.
At home I installed a Wireless Router on to my cable system 1 for protection 2 it allows 4 PC's to be Cabled to it with cat 5 cable and still allows for a wireless connection so after encrypting the system (my neighbors are all wireless so my laptop tries to connect to theirs unless mine is encrypted plus it keeps people out of my network) I got that all working. I installed Visual Basic on My Laptop so I can work on my little game as I need to either in the living room or in the Computer room.
So I officially have 3 PC's running on my system at home now. 1 desktops 1 server and 1 laptop... I have 2 more I want to bring online soon.

Things to do.

I was looking this weekend I see our site is burning a huge amount of bandwidth this month. Not sure why well I guess 30,000 hits might have something to do with it. I currently have the site set at 1 gig of bandwidth I need to increase that value or people may get a surprise lol. Also I need to increase the website size from 500 mb to 1000 mb I guess. It is really growing fast. I never would have dreamed this. With the backups I have to do I am running out of room. (Site is backed up within the site and then I have to download it when it is done. *************censored*********** for me not to be backing it up. Setting up the monthly newsletter is an issue I am dealing with.

Have determined the site has grown so much it now requires more people to run it. thus we are going to have to cordinate meetings to take care of site business.

Currently we are looking for
1. Graphics person (banners logos clipart) must be able to use Photoshop, Paint shop and Banner programs
2. News Letter Editor and Publisher Will need to be able to code with HTML and use Word Programs as well as Adobe acrobat I can provide the software that will be used.
3. More people familiar with PHP and HTML coding to add more content to site...
4. Someone to handle advertising we are going to start an AD campaign on Google Adsense. I am personally going to kick in 30 bucks a month 1 dollar a day. I will be making a post and seeing if there is anyone else wants to make a commitment for advertising. I will be advertising the site looking for lost Yserbians. I want to try and place the ads in places yserbians might be... ie online game sites. I will need someone to take care of that feature once it is set up.



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I can help with pretty much all those...

1. Already provided some icons for the new location thingy... I'm goina re-do those though, slo.... I have no idea why they pixelated... Prolly cuz I used MS Paint... lol

2. Know HTML and stuff and know how to use Word...

3. Familure with Nuke and basic PHP...

4. This one's abit tougher... I have an idea for this.... I'll email ya about it....