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Tater Soup


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**Opening the Old door of DC, a short non descript Dwarf in a red thong slips into the old Tavern**

"Well at last me have me own business." he says." Hire me coupel Tavern lasses and a BarTender along with some new stock that will be hear later today and I will be set for opening. Now if just had some help cleaning this place up."

**Tater catches a young lad from the nearby village and sends him with a message to Navic**

Come at once my friend need help cleaning this place up and getting it ready for my first big show.. Signed Tater

**With that Tater settles into Cleaning up a grand ole Tavern making it ready for patrons from near and afar.**


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A halfling walks in.

"Is this place open for business? The last tavern I was in caught a nasty case of pyromania. Is the sprinkler system working?"

"Is that a thong?"


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<Goes on his daily rounds... Sees a bunch of bright, tacky lights coming from a un populated corner of the island, across the road from Misty Hollow....Perplexed, he walks to the new establishment and walks in the tavern... Sees the dwarf and mumbles, "I should have guessed..." Turns around and walks out the door mumbling under his breath and shaking his head.>


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"I know how to start bringing in business...A SONG!!"

Fleetwood climbs onto a table.

"Sing along if you know the words."

Oh beau-ti-ful two creamy thighs,
For amber drafts of ale.
For purple worms summoned magically,
On top of fruit-y elves.
Waterdeep oh Waterdeep,
A great town to make mon-ey.
And crown thy *******,
with Dwarven sores,
And sheath my Greatsword in Thee...

"Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week."


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Hail Tater

Hail Tater, just brought over the Bill of sale for this Tavern, glad to see someone opening up one of these old Taverns, hate to see em sitting empty like this. anyhow I will drop by later tonight and maybe have a drink with you. <avoids making direct eye to thong contact and stares at the ceiling> Be around laters...


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"Oh don't leave just yet kind Sir."

"I hear we will be offering a drink special, a flagon of Dwarven wine for a silver noble, or two flagons for three silvers."


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<pulls a cart full of tools and supplies... stops in front of the tav... runs in>
TATER! <shakes his hand> I got your message and came over as soon as I could... had to put out a tavern fire <looks at the soot covered halfling>. Nice place, we can do some great things with the place. Listle had me bring ya a lil something... <runs out to his cart, brings in a large container of milk and a sack of cookies> From Listle!

So lets talk <slaps Tater in the back as he scans the tavern over> whatcha wanna do with this place? <rubs hands together in anticipation>


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Fleetwood hears the words "tavern fire", goes pale and runs to the door.

"That pyromaniac didn't follow you here did she?"