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What's it been? Like 10 years?


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<nearly falling off his stool> It be one of those ghosts. <hic> They be indivisible... but I saw it! It also told me this here joke...
Why do dem der elves have pointy ears? I reck'n der has to be some point to elves LOL....! He sure was a funny ghost <hic>


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<hic> ya like that one aye? The other night Arnakkian strolled in for a few ales. Later that eve, before he passed out on the bar, he told me this one...

A dwarf and two elves walk into a bar. The bar wench seats them and asks to take their order. The dwarf growls: "I'll take a big thick fat bleeding rare steak! And an two ales!!"
The wench says, "Fine, and what about the vegetables?"
The dwarf snarls, "They'll take the steak and ale too, and they'll LIKE IT!!"

LOL <hic> that Arnie sure is funny!


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Ahhh my first home on TSN, and Robin ( a fixture here back then) is the first to post here. <Smiles> It seems only fitting. Hail Robin!


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ROFL Navic. That's pretty good hehe.

Hail to Slohand! Thanks for the time and effort to bring back this great relic from the deepest pits of dessssssspppaaiiirrrr *cough* *cough* despair!

Hail *KoY*


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Well met

Well Met Rypus, Be sure and come back often,, we are only moments away from being back in the tavern. once there we will be working on getting the Dungeon ready to go for us.. Tell anyone you still have contact with to come see. be sure and download the newsletter it has alot of useful information in it.. Slohand


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It goes well for Laciel and myself, all said and done. And you, I see you like throwing yourself out of airplanes these days... One would never have guessed ;)