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Witches away?


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*Bones enters the tavern and looks around*

"Empty. This can't be right. Give me that map"

*Liz'rd hands the map to Bones*

"You do know I said WHICH way to Evil Way? Fool!" *smacks Liz'rd upside the head*

"Maybe theres still someone around this place who'd be willing to offer assistance. Or at least a meal. Helloo?! Anyone here?"

*Liz'rd drops a sack on the floor, a half-eaten arm and leg roll out of the bag, followed by the head and torso and remaining bits of BobZombie. Bones looks down at Bob, who is happily munching on a bit of his own flesh. Liz'rd laughs*

[Liz'rd] "couldnt contain hisssss appetite I sssupossse"

"I'm not quite sure, but I don't believe this eating disorder is in any of the Psych textbooks." *kicks the zombie* "Bob, you do realize you're two limbs away from fulfilling a joke I once did?"

*The zombie stops chewing, looks up to Bones and looks down at his body, then back up to Bones again. He smiles broadly as if he has had some great epiphany*

[Bob] "Braiinns"

"Right. Continue on then. HELLoooooooooo, anyone in here?! " *sighs* "It isn't right, having an empty inactive tavern on this website. Do you suppose the witches went away?"

*Liz'rd ignores him and heads for the bar*


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*Bones and Liz'rd explore the tavern, finding nothing of interest except food to fill their stomachs.*

"What's the use of having a place called 'Witches Way' if there are no witches? How absurd!"

*Liz'rd draws Bones' attention to a plaque on the wall which reads: 'Witches Way: Follow the yellow stoned road'. The two do a little searching around the tavern and lo-and-behold, find a path of golden stones leading off from the rear of the tavern.*

[Liz'rd] "ssssuposse we could hitch a ride if we finds a witcch?"

"Worth a try.."

*Looking down the path, Liz'rd leans back against the wall of the tavern, and a *crunch* of bones is heard, followed by a ghastly moan released from a creature's last dying breath. He looks over and finds a pair of legs sticking out from under the tavern*

[Liz'rd] "oopsssses, my bad hehehehe"
*Liz'rd takes a moment to consider the mishap, and suddenly sees an opportunity "sssay, thossse legsss are ssstill intact"

*an hour later, after cutting, carving, sawing and chopping, connecting, splinting and sewing, Bob is up once again on two feet. He happily hobbles along as awkwardly as a paraplegic with epilepsy down the yellow stoned road in his long striped socks and slippers. Liz'rd and Bones walk alongside him down the winding road chuckling to themselves.*

..nope, sura ain't kansas :twisted:


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*A cool breeze sweeps across the golden path near the traveling companions, and stops altogether a moment later. Bones turns around and looks in Liz'rd's direction. Liz'rd looks up at the skeleton.*

[Bones] "What's the report"

[Liz'rd] "um, alive - or undead, asss it were hehehe - and accounted for, massster"

[Bones] "BOO!"

<Liz'rd looks to Bob then back at Bones> "aaah?"

<Bones gets slightly agitated> "Booooooooooo!"

[Liz'rd] "booo... hoo? I don..."

<Another voice interrupts Liz'rd> "Aww c'mon, how'd you know"

[Bones] "I'm an undead creature, I can sense your presence, Boo"

[Boo]: *sigh* "But I wanted to surprise you. Here, check this out"

<The ground between Liz'rd and Bones suddenly bursts into a column of smoke.>

[Boo] "Ta-Da!" <Boo walks out of the dissipating white mist with his arms extended> "Well? Cool, eh?"

[Liz'rd] "niccce, I could ussse that sspell mysssself"

[Boo] "No way, this one's all mine.

[Bones] "Peculiar. Boo, you do know you're a ghost?"

[Boo] "I prefer 'apparition'"

[Bones] "..and can appear and disappear at your whim, without the theatrics?"

[Boo] "Right, see.. but people don't know that. I figure, with a little more practice, I'll be able to carry a show on the road, y'know. Be an entertainer, like you! Boodini, the great illusionist! Huh? Hows that for a title"

<Liz'rd rolls his eyes, Bones wishes he could had he a pair>

[Bones] "Nobody will pay to see that. For one, you're a ghost"

[Boo] "But they don't need to know that. Look, I learned an opacity spell as well, I now can appear as corporeal as the rest of the living" <Boo enacts a spell, and becomies a completely solid looking entity>

[Bones] "Nice trick but there's something you're forgetting"

<Bones swings his sword at Boo, the blade passing clear through the apparition unhindered>

[Bones] "THAT will be a problem"

[Boo] "The crowd won't touch me, I wont let them. It'll work brilliantly, I'm sure of it"

[Bones] "We'll see. Now, AGAIN, tell me what you have to report"

[Boo] "Oh Trephine? Yeah.. she's not quite following the code sir. Burned down a tavern or somesuch. Wasn't at all a pretty sight"

<Bones lowers his skull to his hands and shakes his head>

[Bones] "Im not quite the judge of character I used to be. This child of chaos will be quite a challenge to contend with. Setting her on the right path is proving difficult already."

[Boo] "What's with Bob?"

<Liz'rd snickers, watching the zombie using the thrust of his hips to move himself forward, teetering on awkwardly assembled legs>

[Bones]: "Seems he developed a taste for his own flesh after an incident in the swamp"

[Boo] "Oooh, Bob. That is just wrong. But out of curiosity..does it.. y'know.. taste like chicken?"

<Liz'rd and Boo snicker. Bob continues forward determinedly, his actions driven by what force one can only imagine.>

[Bones] "We haven't found a useful arm for him yet, but for now three limbs will keep him going"

<Boo looks down at the yellow stones>

[Boo] "So.. are we off to see the wizard then?"

[Bones] "A witch will do the job just fine"

[Boo] "Shouldn't we be skipping?"

<A skeletal arm slaps the back of Boo's head, somehow circumventing the ghost's nonmaterial presence>

...and so the four continue down the path, hoping to catch an early broom flight for next week's EA meeting


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::her cart rolled merrily down the road ta Witches Way. She'd taken time ta stock up on all manner a witchy plants. Nettles, Dragon Claw, Hawthorn Berries, Horehound, Tansy, Red Clover, Thyme, Sage, an' her favorite bundles a roses an' lavender. She figure'd at the very least there'd be some enterprisin' cook that'd want ta buy her goods ta spice up a tavern stew.

Coming down the road from the tavern were as likely a bunch a witchy plant customers as any she'd seen. A half eaten zombie, a white bunch a smoke, a bony feller in a black robe, an' somethin' else. She smiled her warmest smile, though she weren't sure if they'd respond more ta a growl er maybe a grimace. It paid ta know yer demographics. Well, she'd jus' haf ta wing this sale. She laughed. A big pair a leathery wings might just turn the trick with this crew.::

Well good day ta ye, muties...errr gentle... good crea...spawn a'.... Me name's Lilly. An' I've got a dream. Me dream starts with me providin' fer yer every aromatic need. My nose tells me that a bit a sweet herb wouldn't go amiss ta cover the stench a rottin' flesh, or be that umm that there a...

::she paused, tappin' her forehead with a practicle fingertip::

...ecotoplasm? Ya, that be the term.

::She thrust a bunch a lavender inta the cloud a white mist, and waved it around fer a good few minutes, while the rest a the motley crew watched the zombie thing try an' suck stinging nettles outta his oozing flesh.::

Now smell with me. Come on now, them a ya that's got lungs ta breath, go ahead an take a deep whiff.

::she inhaled deeply fer an example, and was somewhat alarmed when part a the white cloud disappeared up her nose. She coughed and out it popped and rejoined the rest::

Well I can tell ya, that ya surely do smell more like a meadow pile a ectoplasm now, fella, instead a that unpleasant bowels a' errr... that umm otherworldly stench...ahhh aroma.

I've got a grinder right here ta grind yer herbs so's ya can make yer bread. ::she paused, that sounded familiar, yet off, Oh Well.:: Or perhaps ya need a good nights sleep? I've got some silk an' linen squares an' I can make ya the most soothin' a dream pillows. Tell me how I can make yer life better, muties.. err... gentle... umm. Tell me how I can help ya.

::she cocked her head, nothing better ta do but help their existance become better with greenery.::


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[Bones] "Flowers?! You come trying to sell blossoms and petals to the undead?! Absurd! Your kind once feared for their lives in our presence." *turns to Liz'rd* "NOW they come trying to sell pretty green and purple things to us?! HA"
*listens to Lilly* "Thats just-- well, yes, I suppose rotting flesh would be unpleasant for some, but.. well yes, bad also for business.."

*Bones breathes in the air as best as a skeleton could, and encouraged Liz'rd (a Lizardfolk creature if ya must know) to join in. Boo tries his best to shake off the purple dust*

[Liz'rd] "ssssweet, I ssssay we coversss Bob with it"

[Bones] "Right. um.." *leans in towards Lilly* "..enough to cover the stench of Bob here for a good length of time"

*Bones hands over a plat for the goods*

[Bones] "By the way, do you know your way around here? What we really seek is a witch, perhaps you know of one in these parts, flower peddler? We are in need of quick transport, the skies are our best bet as of now, and witches reportedly have the means of efficient air travel at their disposal."