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*As Blackie takes the stage, he puts down the chair he was going to lob at the fleeing Sneakers.*
Well take me glass eye and call me a bulge rat!
*As Blackie sings Nyzz' expression changes from glee to confusion*
Arrr... when he begin speakin proper english!?


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(still brushing shards of glass off his table from the archery act)

"Long John Silver meets Travelling bard. I don't know whether to walk the plank or hold up a lit candle in tribute."



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Death Dance

+Death Dance+
(for Nosferatu aka Zack)

The tavern door blew open, the night rushed in, while the candles and smoking oil lamps blew out. The expected cries of surprise from the patrons of Dragon Court were curiously absent, the silence heavy and deep, thick with magicks and rituals yet to come. A sinuous current of air moved towards the stage, unseen in the darkness, yet felt. Fleetwood managed to strike a spark from a piece of flint and light the candle on the table nearest the stage. A word of command punctured the unnatural stillness. The single candle's flickering light grew into a halo that bathed the stage in amber and shadows.

Illuminae! The blood red of her eyes fed the candle's feeble flame.

Standing on the stage was stark contrast in color and affiliation. White skin of a vampire queen, black hair spilling down a gown as black as the hair, red lips, parted, revealing a glint of a white fangtip, red eyes glowing upon the man standing before her. He too, was a contrast in color. White robes of the clergy, red face filled with fury. Her blood red eyes glowed with the knowledge of the blackness of his heart and mind.

You, Priory, have been given the gift of life, yet death rolls from you as surely as maggots from the rotting eyeballs of the unloved and unwanted waifs that you allow to starve in the coldness of winter because they're not of your faith, fall to your judgements, and become your ultimate sin. I forgive you. I will take you unto me. Into me. Under my will for eternity. This is my talent, my gift.

She turned and smiled into the darkness beyond the halo of light. Long fangs somehow dainty against the curve of her lips

I do this for you, my lovers of life, my singers of songs, my dancers of dances, my tellers of jokes. I do this for me. Death comes, mostly, to all. Cross the threshold knowing you lived while you could, having done your part to banish the evil that Priory - in his narrow minded, mean spirited, blasphemic twistings of a covenant of life and love - represents.

Turning back to Priory, the shadows burned around the red faced man, he was stiff with rage, with powerless, impotent desires to flee or fight the sensations washing over him as she began to whisper a ritual unknown to him, forever part of her. The syllables had a taste the onlookers swallowed.

Stygian darkness, blood tinged light,
night eternal, without fright,
Abyss opens, power surges,
Life and Death within you merges.
There is no end to this beginning,
No descent to halt ascension,
expanding senses, swollen cravings,
rising tides, released from tension.
Follow me,
kneel down and stay,
listen to the words I say,
your life is mine,
your death is yours,
accept my death gift, and life shall pour
from you for an eternity,
in my embrace
be free,
the shrouds shall part and you will see,
all things that now are mystery.
Come to me now, feel my yearning,
hunger deep within me churning, burning,
the birth of unchained minds and souls, flying, crying
with gentle screams of escaping dreams
turned nightmares,
stalking your breathing world of limits. Finish it.
Destroy the fear that holds you captive,
a willful prisoner is still a slave,
give up your will to me this day, this night, this very hour.
Devour, Empower,

Priory had relaxed as her words flowed through the room, and him. He watched her with hunger exposed. Dark as his heart, as full as his soul was empty. She tilted her head, questioning.

Visne saltare?
(Do you want to dance?)

She pulled him, unresisting, into her arms. The black of her gown's flowing sleeves draped the white of his clergy robes, the red of her lips dipped close to his ear. They danced, swaying to a music unheard by the others, though Fleetwood looked down to find his finger tracing slow patterns in the air in time to the graceful steps of the dancers.

Da mihi basilia mille...
(kiss me with a thousand kisses)

He trembled, raising her pale white hand to his lips. They danced on, turning slowing upon the stage. White cloth, then black gown, then faster, and faster, casting lingering shadows of grey on the eyes of the silent watchers.

Amor est vitae essentia!
(love is the essence of life)
Sanguis est vitae essentia!
(blood is the essence of life)

Priory fell to his knees, trembling, sweating hands raised to cover his face. She pulled his head back, gently.

Eram quod es, eris quod sum.
(I was what you are, you will be what I am.)

Leaning into him, she arched his neck back, until it was taut - the jugular pulsing thickly for all to see. He sighed.

Esto perpetue...
(may you last forever)

She gave him the first bit of wisdom he would need as her eager accolyte.

Nox praesidium nostri.
(the night is our protection.)

She struck. Gleaming fangs delicately slipped into the flowing river of life undeserved. A fine shower of blood droplets spurted from the punctures, spattering her face with a lacy pattern. She pulled him tightly against her mouth and ravaging lips. As he grew paler, she glowed with a stolen life, a foresaken life. Gasping a final breath of required air, he went limp and fell back upon the stage. Released. Lifeless eyes turning on a rolling head to gaze unseeing at the stunned crowd.

Consummatum est!
(It is done!)

Bowing low, she laughed. Blood trickling down her neck.

All together now... on the count of five, yell "RISE!".

Her laughter continued unabated, interspersing her countdown, which was joined - after a hardening glance from the instigator at the silent witnesses - by the participants of Dragon Court's soon to be infamous Yserbian Idol contest.


Ensaneti held up a commanding hand, as she gave the corpse of Priory a hearty kick.

1 and 1/2!

Priory stirred, Ensaneti beamed, the crowd leaned forward.



Her hand wove a simple tornado of motion through the air, Priory screamed, and rose to his feet, limbs rigid. She laughed. And laughed. And laughed. The force of her laughter moved like a stormfront from the stage and banished the halo of flame in its force. Somebody moaned in a resurgance of fear. Fleetwood swore, dropped his flint, hit his head under the table, retrieved it, and struck a spark to the stub of a candle.

The stage was empty of all but a small glistening drop of the spilled blood of the unworthy.


Message for Upgrade
(steadying the candle and dropping his backpack on the stage)

"Well now...performance art is a fine medium of expression but the need for subtitles may put off some viewers. And after Marylin Manson, the whole goth thing is soooooo passe."

"Nice teeth though."


(pulls out wooden stakes, a holy symbol, a wreath of garlic, holy wafers, a mirror, and a picture of his mother.)


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* a pigeon arives carrying a message from Bones, currently in the middle of some..erm, recreational.. activities. *

The words had been carried to me through the night air, of what has transpired here this night. Quite alluring is this.. un-natural force which has used her enchanting words and hypnotic images to lure in and enchant the audience. I emplore you all not to be mislead by her beguiling performance.. I have dealt with others of her kind before, and whilst her talent and beauty may be enticing, there is no charm in death, or the state of undeath.

Still, I offer a round of applause for her unmistakable talent.


"H'ya!" * cracks a whip to his horse and continues his race (elsewhere)*


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Fleetwood sees the crowd hanging back. Apparently mad archers and undead are having a chilling effect on the crowd.

He knows what he must do.

He takes the stage.

"Here's a little something in honor of our host, Tater, The One and Only."

"Hit it boys!"

I'm going adventuring tonight-I'm feelin' alright
Gonna let my beard hang down
Wanna make some gold-be really bold
Yeah, I wanna drink large amounts
Don’t bathe at all, smell like a hog
Get a little outta line
I ain't gonna act magically correct
I only wanna have a good time

The best thing about being a Dwarf
Is the prerogative to be a little short and...

Oh, oh, oh, gimmie a forty-forget I'm a shorty
chain shirts-short parts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, adventuring in style
Oh, oh, oh, wearing a thong, freak out a throng
Braid my beard-be really weird
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to dance the way I dance
Man! I feel like a Dwarf!

The boys need a break-tonight we're gonna take
The chance to die in an dungeon
We don't need experience-we only wanna flank
some bad guys for a sneak attack.

The best thing about being a Dwarf
Is the ability to see in the dark...

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm naked
Mithral shirts, enchanted skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, adventuring in style
Oh, oh, oh, running a tavern-exploring a cavern
Swing round a pole-look at my mole
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a Dwarf!


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Fleet.... Maybe you should shave and become a cross dresser, you would probably be better off.... Naw, who'm I kidding...



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It has come to my attention that Nyzzrym pirated (imagine that!) the song he used for his performance. Therefore he has been removed from the Talent Contest. If you have any questions, please see Fleetwood...
<Before Nyzzrym can react to this news, Navic makes like Sneakers and bolts outta the tavern> :arrow: