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    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Alive and kicking. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Article: TSNPeggy / INNPeggy

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/140-TSNPeggy-INNPeggy
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    Article: TSNGemma - StormyYS

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/139-TSNGemma-StormyYS
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    TSNGemma - StormyYS

    She went by a few other names as well and loved to play Yserbius. Her real life name was Beckie and on 4/20/11 my wife lost her battle in life. We were married 25 years and this has been the hardest thing i have ever had to face in my life. Beckie did not waste her time in this world. She was...
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    Aby WoW Guilds?

    I have a guild on Area 52 and one of the members was also a Sysop that covered the board games and triva areas. The guild name is Somos Pocos which means " We Few" and the rest is Perso Somos Locos which translates to " But we are crazy". We are an all adult guild that deals with no drama. Very...
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    KOY Birth

    Msn... I have a new system...an insane one. However This week Beckie went into ICU at the hospital. She has massive clots in both lungs and one more in her left leg. I will shoot you my telephone # in private message here bro.
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    KOY Birth

    Ack !! Ouch Bloodcelt ! But then again I am so old now the acne would be hidden in my wrinkles : P
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    Hail all and where are you!!

    Lord Jolen What server in Warhammer?
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    KOY Birth

    Lord Jolan Wow talk about a blast from the past : ) No i didnt even know you were INNJoe and the funny thing is my wife was StormyYS and INNGemma hehehe. I trullly hope the years have been good to you and your still kicking up a storm in the gamming world. I am currently in WOW and Warhammer. I...
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    Hail all and where are you!!

    KOY Members Would be awesome in at some point in place in a new game to see a large gathering of our old friends once again.
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    Yserbius Down?

    I was playing earlier and all of a sudden it seemed the server shut down and i have not been able to connect since. Could this be an issue on my end?
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    Not all of us are dead : ) I have found myself going back and looking for the old faces that were there long ago. No not dead, but getting there.
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    RPI Textfile Dumps - 1994

    Awesome Wow what a flash back !
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    What the Hell?

    Er, I think we call that OLD now days hehe. Welcome to the blue hair group ! Rainstorm = OVL KOY=
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    KOY Roster on 2/8/93

    WOW TY ! I remember all of them now hehehe