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    I'm Still Here

    Hi there, I've been moved to inactive members. I'd like to not be inactive. Rumors of my demise have been exaggerated.
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    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Hi! (and other characters as required to surpass the required length of a post, somewhere back there around the, "o," in, "other.")
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    W O W private srvr anyone?

    I am interested in this. Is it too late? Did you do it?
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    Charlotte and Carly

    I recognize your name, Bourne, but I don't recall talking with you much if at all. I tended to talk mostly to women. In particular, Charlotte and Carly, which is the nature of this thread. Anyway, since we didn't talk much if at all, I wouldn't expect you to remember me after so long. The...
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    Charlotte and Carly

    Hi Lady China, Yes, I do remember you. I didn't really learn the acronyms from Yserbius, having already been using chatrooms and BBS's for a few years prior to my stay at TSN/INN, but did I spend money on it? As I recall the last two months I was on INN, playing mostly Cawdor at that point...
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    Charlotte and Carly

    Charlotte and Carly, you know who you are. You know who I am. I'd love to hear from either of you. I'd also like to hear from HuSanNiang. I'd love to hear from someone else, too, though it doesn't really matter who. By that I just mean that it would be nice to know that someone remembered...
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    Hi there, I just thought I would say hello since I found this place and it reminded me of another place to some degree. I see some familiar names here, but I don't think I knew any of you too well. Web