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Administrative Emails January 2007


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Time to make a new thread,

Just wanted to let everyone know the amount of spammers getting through has been reduced alot with the features we implemented last month. Oh we still get a few every now and then. but i have the board set to notify my everytime a new members signs in. it shows me the email address and userID and if it remotely resembles a spammer, it general doesnt get another few minutes older before it is deleted and the email domain banned from the registration engine.

On the lighter side I see Navic spent some time in jail, in YSUO, sure hope someone got a screenshot of that. Viddy, and Beramar sure work hard to make sure YSUO stays up and fun lol. hats off to you guys,

Well since we switched to the new server for the website, things seem to be better, fewer slow downs even.

Ad revenue last month was 7.92 which wasnt all that bad and every bit helps. And as Tiger can explain better our Alexa Ranking seems to be improving almost monthly.

One thing i do have planned is to get back into the gallery and sort out some better way of securing the gallery so we dont have the hackers again, perhaps i will look for different type of gallery script that is hopefully more secure. or we could just write one ourselves, it would rob of us of all the bells and whistles but would be safer.

who knows...

Well happy New Years guys and this is the new thread to post to now.



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Excellent Slo! Hope everyone had a good end of year... ;-) I spent mine being sick mostly, along with Raisa and Emily... Everyone here was sick... lol

Yeh, Alexa actually imporves weekly for Ys.org, as Alexa updates their info weekly. When I wrote that lil artical about Alexa, we were in the 190k range, in 2 weeks time we've dropped to 186k! Wook! 86k more and We'll be Alexa's top 100k range where they start tracking us more... Oh, AND, if our site traffic and flow continues to improve as it has been, we COULD become one of the top Movers and Shakers... Not bad at all, not bad at all....

As for Spammers, I saw one a few weeks ago and before it had a chance to even finish registering, I had banned it... LOL

I hope to have the News Letter goin back in Feb, with a new format and such... But no promises, things are still really busy around here and right now I don't see things slowing down...

I got Adobe Production Studio (http://www.adobe.com/products/productionstudio/) which I had hoped to have something started in Pre-Production 3DStudio already, but with end of year sickness and holiday's, I haven't made it to the Library to pick up a decent 3DS book to learn animation...MilkBones is cool, but pretty limited in power... And I feel I've advanced to something more professional... And now, with my extra learning time going towards learning to play the guitar, 3DS may be pushed back... Don't know... I'll have time Monday to swing by the library, so will prolly get a book and see if I can't fit it in somewhere.

I'm going to try to take a 3 day, end of Jan too see some old friends in Oregan, Money willing... Now that I can fly for 50$ round trip, anywhere in the US, I'm goina try and get to see some friends... So, I may be knockin on all your doors soon... lol


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FavIco Attatched... Not sure where you need to put it for the forums and Ys.org home page... Usually it's just in the root dir of whatever your using... Though, in Mambo it's somewhere in the actual template.

If we asked people to "subscribe" to this, it might be good... I'd say, see if we can raise enough money to get it before we buy it... ;-)


Or at the least, enough votes... Nawww, whom I kiddin... lol Was a good idea though Navic.


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Connect UO voting link

Here is the tag for the connectUO voting

<!-- BEGIN ConnectUO Vote Image + Link /-->
<a href="http://www.connectuo.com/index.php?page=shards&do=vote&id=170">
<img src="http://www.connectuo.com/rating.php?id=170" border="0" alt="Vote!" />
<!-- END ConnectUO Vote Image + Link /-->

Here is the one for online count via connectUO

<!-- BEGIN ConnectUO Players Image + Graph Link /-->
<a href="http://www.connectuo.com/index.php?page=shards&do=graphs&id=170">
<img src="http://www.connectuo.com/rating.php?id=170&disp=online" border="0" alt="Click to see graphs" />
<!-- END ConnectUO Vote Players Image + Graph Link /-->


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Ya vote just by clicking on the YSUO URL? Or what? I registered, but still didn't see a place to activly vote...

Whatcha think about the Fav-Icon?


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Hey Beramar,

could you look into adding a feature that causes everyone on the site to input a email address so that way we have a good list of people who play and can update them if any changes need to be made, like when they switches encryptions and we had to move to connectuo instead of gateway. thanks much for all the great work you and Vidar have been doing Slo


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Wow. Last night when I logged on to connectuo, we we at 62 or something. I guess we got some votes :) Nice.

I will have Beramar send Nikon a PM. I imagine it has to do with the encryption/uogateway thing but we will get it sorted out.

I'll see what I can find on the enering email address. I have seen some of that on other places.

Working on making a ninja guy that sells skills and the ninja weapons and a npc vendor, like a blacksmith not just a vendor, that sells powerscrolls - not sure about that since it takes a few arguments to make a powerscrolls. There was something else but at the moment, I don't remember what it was! haha


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ha, I'm post bumping, which I'm sure is bad karma......hehehe

Anyway, Slo this is what I found so people would have to enter an email address. It would allow play without any work or someone having to activate and account (I think) but they would have to agree to the terms and submit the email address. I haven't started any work or testing on it as I'm sure it can be modified and make it simplier and/or shorter. I would suggest that it have some basic rules but not to many. I know I like to log on and get playing instead of clicking through a bunch of pages.

Some of the files need some information filled in the scripts, could you add them? for example it needs an email host to send the information to, in the information script and some others in that script and probably other ones. I need to know what you want in the TOS.txt file that people will have to agree to. I haven't finished looking at all of them and figured I would just get you the package then you can repost it and I will download it and go from there.

I have a couple of stones to place, a website stone, which will open a browser to yserbius.org and a forum stone, which I pointed to the forums/ YSUO section. Maybe people will start posting requests, things they like, whatever. Let me know if you want those changed. I'm also going to make one that opens a browser to Navic's post on helpful UO programs.

Question: is there a way to get it so Vidar and I can do a [save command? Neither of us can and normally I just wait until people are logged off and then wait for the next save when I do any updates or additions. I'm always afraid I'll shut down the server and someone will have just got the mother load and lose it because I didn't see them logged on and it wasn't saved. I'm off to bed. See ya all later. J


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I couldn't resist posting this....

Should we point out that this vote resets every week? We will need to keep the ranking up.

Now it's time for bed.



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Cool. Thanks Nav.

Slo, I got a chance to go through the TOS scripts. I think I only need 3 things from you.......the email server that would send the information collected, the email address you want the information sent to, and what you want to put in the TOS.txt file. I think I have the rest ready. I'll try to test tonight with my personal info in it and see how it works. After reading it, I think it will require this of all accounts, current ones (at 1st log on after installed) and all new ones after that but I'll test to make sure. Thanks

Haze, I have some custom vendors for the rune library house too. Animal doctor (pet res and shrink stuff), necro dealer (necro scrolls, necro scribe pen, evil decorations), and a animal specialist (dyes). Still working on the ninja guy but that won't take long when I have time to make it.


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I will set up a email account and send you the account name the mail server info is


I will set up a specific account for the information to be sent to
from there we will set up a forward so the information gets forwarded. we can then collect and archive the information from there.

Is this one of them systems where they have to verify a email address? we want to make sure emails are valid.

as for saves
I will be setting you and Haze to Admin level this evening, this will give you guys as much control as I have with the game, which isnt much more than you have now. that will have to be it, if it gets busier in the future you guys will have find and recruit your own help and set them up to GM or seer. Dont think much help is needed now though. you two seem to have it sorted out


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Went to a funeral today and didn't go back to work so I'll be testing this afternoon and hopefully finishing that and the ninja dealer - smoke bombs, shuriken, etc. and I'll upload as soon as it's ready.

Regarding the TOS system, here is what it says about the email part:

After the players read and agree to the TOS they will be sent an email requesting a reply to ensure that the player has submitted a valid email address.
In short, never again can your players state that they didn't know the rules.
I will test it with a fake one and my real one using my email server and see what happens. If nothing else we should have an email address tied to an account name and if we want, the account can be deleted, if they do not agree to the tos anyway, it deletes the account even before they play.

I now have 3 url stones, one for Navic's post, one for the YSUO portion of the forums, and one for yserbius.org. If you want any other url's in game let me know.

Here is what I have for the TOS as I test it.
Welcome to Yserbius - YSUO.

1. The first rule of fightclub is to not talk about fightclub, you could be jailed.
2. The next and most important rule is to have fun and enjoy this shard.
3. Rule PKing is allowed in Felucca only.
4. Roleplaying is encouraged but not required.
5. Feel free to ask for help but don't beg. It is part of the fun to train your character.
6. Read the welcome book in your pack then proceed into the house and select an advanced character gate (if you wish), then go to the bank gates on the 3rd and 4th floor.
7. When filling out the form for full access to the shard where it asks for additional information you must fill it in exactly as below (capitalization does not matter):

i agree to the tos in it's entirety

it must be typed in exactly like that, if you fail to enter it correctly you will have to start the form over again.
Just let me know what you want and I'll change it.


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Never mind...

Disregard a portion of the email I just sent. The commands are already in place.

Slo and Vid, here they are:
Player commands -
[TOS // Allows players to review the TOS at any time.
[ResendTOS // Allows players to modify their TOS email and have it resent.
Staff commands -
[TOSGump //Allows Seers and Admins to test the full functions of the TOS.
[ViewTOS //Allows staff to view the TOS agreement submitted by any character targeted.

So we just tell them to type [resendtos if we don't have valid information and make them do it again.