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Aeowyn's Treachery


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Q: What happened?
A: When you returned the last ring to the Queen you find out the truth: she's been using you to kill the dralkarians for her and give her the rings. She calls you a fool and takes everything you have gained in the Dralkarian Quest; namely, your stats. She hovers above you, mad with power, throwing you to the ground with powerful magic. You notice an opening behind you and escape with your life... barely.

Q: I knew this was coming. What now?
A: Now, you have to follow the mad Queen into The Gateway, to defeat her and prevent her from becoming immortal and conquering the entire Universe and all the different dimensions. For now, go and level up in the Guild Hall. After, you will need to take the portal from the Dungeon Entrance to Dissemination, where you will blast your way through to the Gateway, where the queen awaits.