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Cartography Shop


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Q: How do I get to the Cartography Shop?
A: Before you can actually enter the Cartography Shop, be sure to have the following items :

(1) All four map pieces (Parchment, Leather, Slate, Snakeskin)

(2) All 3 clues as to your tokens. They will be critical here, so be sure to have them. Also note the names of the adventurers who give you the gems. If you don't have three clues down, they are located in aMAZEing, the Gallery, and the Rat Race. If you're lazy and don't want to search for them, look to the end of this part for information for your race.

If you have the items, you may enter the Cartography Shop. From the Night Elf Ingress, go to the Statuary. From there, enter the Graveyard. Now, go through the NorthEast gate, and follow until you hit a wall and fight a battle. From there, turn west. Follow along until you fight a battle and reach a wall. From there, go 1 step west, 1 step north, and turn east. Follow along until you reach a wall with a torch. Go along this passageway, not taking any turns until you fall into an open grave. From that point, go 2 steps forward, turn west, go two more steps forward (walking through wall). Then follow the path and take the first east turn. Follow the passageway here until you reach the end door. Walk through it, and then, at the end - take the portal to the Cartography Shop.

Q: I didn't know there was going to be a test. These questions are getting me down.
A: Here are all the answers to the True/False questions:

Unity Fountain is found in Rat Race - True, walk east.
Fellowship Fountain is located in the Armory - False, walk north.
Harmonics should visit the Tool Shed for a reward - False, walk east.
Smug owns a Pawn Shop - False, walk south. From here, make your way to C,15, face south, and detect. Go 2 steps south, face west, and detect. Hit the fountain in the western square of this room, to get an attribute boost. From there, go back out the secret door and through the teleport. From here, go 1 step south and 1 step west. Go through the door to the south and follow along the passageway to meet Kalydor, who gives you a token. From there, follow along to the next riddle.
The Vault is found in the Twinion Keep - False, walk west.
Angel Fountain is found in Cliffhanger - False, walk north. In the next area, take the eastern path to the teleport. Follow along this path until you reach a small room where you seem to be stuck. From the entrance of this room, go 2 steps east, 1 step south, face west and detect. Follow this path to meet Syrene, who gives you a token. Go through the teleporter.
The Emerald Lockpick is exchanged for the Diamond Lockpick - True, take the door to the south. Take the teleport, follow along the path again, and you will meet Dabealis, who gives you a token.
The only way to Race Track is from the Rat Race - True, walk north.
A bard sings his tale in the Cloister - False, walk east. From here, you will meet Syrene, who gives you your final token. Go through the teleport. This is where you will use your clues. If you have pieced your clues together and know in which order to use them, go ahead through the door for your Race. If you haven't figured your clues out yet, see the next section.
Q: I can't piece my clues together. How about telling me what goes with what race?
A: If you lost your clues regarding to your tokens, or didn't find them in the first place, or can't figure them out, here is the order of tokens for each race:

Human : Coral, Topaz, Pearl, Ebony
Orc : Pearl, Opal, Coral, Topaz
Elf : Ebony, Opal, Coral, Topaz
Troll : Opal, Coral, Topaz, Pearl
Gnome : Ebony, Coral, Opal, Pearl
Dwarf : Opal, Topaz, Ebony, Coral
Hafling : Topaz, Pearl, Ebony, Opal
Gremlin : Pearl, Ebony, Opal, Coral

Q: What do I get now?
A: Walk through the doors with the correct tokens and you will meet the Queen and receive a Whole Map. Plus, you'll get 2,745,000 experience points, which should boost your level. Once you have the whole map, proceed to the Dungeon Entrance and go through the door that you originally opened with the Queen's Key. Face the plaque that is on the northern wall, opposite the teleport to the Night Elves' Ingress, and the map will let you pass. From here, go into the teleport beyond to ultimately meet your Fate...