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Evolution Animals and the Mercenary


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There have been some questions about the kill points required for the evolution animals. Here is the breakdown for the different animals and the mercenary.

Fighting chick evolves at 500 CP's. The command to check the points is [cp.

The evolution dragon hatchling 6 stages. The final stage is the Ancient Dragon.

Stage 1 = 25000
Stage 2 = 75000
Stage 3 = 175000
Stage 4 = 375000
Stage 5 = 775000
Stage 6= 1500000

The evolution mercenary is the same as the evolution dragon.

The evolution hiryu's breakdown is:

Stage 1 to 2= 25000
Stage 2 to 3= 75000
Stage 3 to 4= 775000

The command to check kill points for the dragon, hiryu and mercenary is [kp.

Sorry for not posting this sooner, I thought already posted it.

These creatures have been good allies and protectors. There has already been sightings of the dragons reproducing dragon eggs.

~/ Beramar