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hard knocks


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<ShoeHorn walks upon the path leading to this new land, and sees a girl out on the street crying out.>

"Hello there, you poor thing. Whats the matter?"

<Looking up, he now notices the tavern behind her which has obviously suffered some type of damage. The black soot on the walls, charred fringes of holes that have been temporarily boarded up, and a pile of burnt wood and ash laying aside the tavern gives him a clue.>

"You wouldn't have lost someone in that fire by chance? *Sigh*, this is just too bad. And here I thought MY tavern needed some patching up, this is even worse! Although, I'm sure, the rains do fall here and the plants do grow.."

<walks over to a solid surface on the outside of the tavern and posts a sign up on the wall 'Beautiful FEMALE dancer now performing in Evil Way! Bring your friends and your purse!'>

<addressing Trephine again> "I don't suppose it'd be worth going in to see if there's any supplies to be gotten. Do you know if there's livestock around here?"


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*Bones swoops down from the skies above on a witch's broom and lands before the tavern*

Trephine! Get up! We must return to Evil Way.

*looks at the tavern*

Well well, Boo was right. Looks like someone is quite a handful. But I suppose this handful HAS a handful.. of gems and gold coins that is ;)

Gone trick or treating early have we?


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Trephine bounds up and holds up one finger, running behind the tavern and retrieving her goodies, disarming all her traps and giggling.

She runs back around and throws her arms around Bones.

"You found me! Someone else tried to trick me, but I waited for you. I was good."


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*somewhat surprised by the hug, stammers back*

"Well.. erm. Quite some loot you have there, young thing. Far better than I scored in Oz thats for sure!" *notices her inquisitive look, reaches in pocket and feels around for the scroll, then decides against it* "..nevermind, long story.. get on, we've got an EA meeting to attend"


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(comes out from behind a tree)

"Whew. For a second I thought they were on their way to DRAGON COURT."

"I don't want another tavern burned down around my ears."

(scampers off)