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Well I finally made my way to the land of UO. Slo got me thinking 'bout playing when he mentioned there was a Britannia pub for sell. So I thought 'bout it... then Slo says, Tater's there and he's looking for a pub to shake his money maker... hmm, entertainment... so I thought 'bout it some more... then Slo says, the pub's already well stocked! I got to downloading 'bout a second later. Next thing I know I'm in Haven, helps on the way and I don't know how to move!
A grand fella by the name Drallam (thanx again!) got me to walk'n and took me to CASTLE Slohand. Says I to Drallam, "When me pub gets to making a profit, I'm getting me sumthin like this!". He had a good laugh at that. "Take what you need" say's Drallam. So I began plundering anything that wasn't nailed down. That's when a massive red Dragon appeared in the castle. The mighty hero Drallam gasped in surprise. I directly screamed like a sissy and pissed myself. Figuring that to survive, all I had to do was run faster then the heavily armored Drallam... so I made for the exit. That's when I learned 'bout encumbrance... I'm going nowhere fast... to which both the Dragon and my bud Drallam start to rolling, "Hahahaha...!". I come to find out the Dragon was Slo in disguise! An improvement I may add. :p
So I guess what I'm getting at is... if your heading to Britannia for the first time... check out the following helpful links...

New player guide...

Hands down the best UO info site...

UO AutoMap is a must!

Other decent sites...

If any of y'all know of other good sites, please add'um.

Have fun!

{Mental note: delete the part 'bout pissing me breeches}
Navic, the next time you are in Brit, stop by the house I share with Drallam and I will tailor some adult sized diapers for you. They will help keep your clothes clean when you have those "accidents" :oops: after seeing monsters suddenly appear in front of you. :wink: Now get out there and fight. :/


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Here's a few good message boards...



Oh BTW, I've finally ventured out from the pubs! The reason be'n, I ran outta gold. So Haze and I hit the high sea's for some fishin. I'll post a few screen shots later. Thanx again for the charter Haze :D

Avast mates! While we're on the subject of fishing, I have a few good sites to share...

The name says it all... The Fishing Council of Britannia...

If you own a boat you'll want this UO Rudder program...

This site hasn't been updated in awhile but contains good info...