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If I were a Pumpkin


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(Narrowly missing a puddle of wash water aside the Tavern door, a thinning non descript genetleman of obvious education and the gaunt look of famine. Enters the quiet tavern. To the observer he would seem to by hyper sensitive to every noise, every site.)

"'lo in here be there any abou that that could wait on a weary traveler?"

(pulling his Riding Cape further about his thin shoulders he shivers once more as if still out in the cold evening wind. a walking can of sorts in his left hand seems to calm an obvious tremor perhaps caused by his hyperec sense.)

"I will be needed a room for the best of a few days please. Tell me back there" he says wearliry while looking to the back of the bar into darkness, " Would this place be that one and the same Hollow where i have been dispatched as an School Master?"

(The empty stir of echos in the room seem to fill young Ichabod Crane with fear as he takes a seat, placing his back to warm fire burning and his eyes toward the door and bar both. Wrapping himself tightly in his cape, Oh he thinks what a good thing a glass of brandy and warm bowl of soup this eve.)

(In the Distance the loud scream of a Horse echoes through the valley as if it is being torn to shreds. The terrible noise sends Ichabod Crane deeper into the corner nearer the fireplace awaiting someone.)


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<BOOM! A dull but heavy thud resonates from the second floor. The power of which causes dust to sprinkle down from the rafters. The candle on Ichabod’s table flickers briefly. BOOM! BOOM! A rapid session sends a few wall paintings crashing to the floor. Each thud louder then the last, begins moving across the second floor… nearing the staircase. CRASH!>
<Silence returns to the tavern>


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<The silence is broken by a thunderous CRASH that causes the tavern to shudder. A stiff gust of autumn cooled air originates from the second floor. It cyclones through the common room sending all loose objects into it’s dance. With the exception of the fire in the hearth, it extinguishes all light sources, … the hearth fire feeding off the gust is now a roaring blaze trying to escape through the chimney. Ember spears burn holes into Ichabod’s riding cape…>
<Comes a painful scream… followed by an explosion of light from atop the stairs… the fury of the wind begins to die, a red thong rides it’s last remnants… finally settling on Ichabod’s table…>


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(frightened within every beat of his heart Ichabod screams like a frightened school girl, his bony hands clutched tightly gripping the ridind cloak tightly about his neck rising swiftly only, glancing only to ensure he does not set him self afire he stumbles backwards over the upturned chair. His heart hammering a sporadic cadence in his chest threatens to shut down as his eyes strain to see amongst the shadows from where the noises originate beyond the firelight.)

"Who ever you are go away. I have a change of heart, I dont think i shall be taking this Head School Master Position here about." Ichabod still frightend by the noise glances horriffically at the worn red thong on the table as he backs away from the noises.

(Cold wind whips his cloak about and on the wind is born again the angry howl of that same horse screaming in the evening as if a hundred demons ran with it through the evening.)

"Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Dear Lord"

(A very old and worn Stag stuffed and hung on the wall from a distand time taps Ichabod gently on the back as he backs further into the shadows. turning only slightly Ichabod is meet with the blank stair of an evil and vile creature as tall as the room itself and terrible odor.. Ichabod screams once more like a sissy boy and it is then the what light remains winks out as Ichabod passes out falling forward against the wall and sliding to the floor.)

Meanwhile elsewhere.........

(The Hard breath of a Damned Steed labors against the bit. His master busies himself making ready. IT is almost time the Steed understands. Time once more for the Darkness to ride across the land. Throughout the land those who would listen here the gutteral screams of the steed as it feels the fear of the one whom fate has linked it to somewhere in the night.)


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The child, her small lightweight armor clattering about her, bursts through the door in an explosion of sound. "OH! You gotta be Misser Crane, what Momma told me about was gonna tutorialize me, izzat right?" She extends her hand, then remembers that she had been holding chocolates in it and was quite messy. She tries to extend her other hand, but finds the puppy's pheasant leg there, she waves it a few times like a club and then stops as she notes the gentleman's nervous reaction.

"Uh, I'd shake yer hand, but they're kinda ummmmm... not shake-able atta moment. Pleased ta meetcha!", she attempts a curtsey, but gets the toe of her boot caught behind her greaves and tumbles forward, landing at his feet with a great clanking, the pheasant leg goes flying...


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*Bones and Liz'rd find themselves walking along a path leading through the forest near the tavern. Liz'rd in the lead continues tracking the trail of some creature that had something to do with the death of a DMY member.*

[Liz'rd] "hmm, ssssomething wicked issss near"

[Bones] "Our objective?"

[Liz'rd] "No, ssssomething elsssse. Ssssomething sssssinissster ssssir"

[Bones] "You do enjoy 'S' words dont you"

[Liz'rd] "Yesssss massssster. hehehe. Sssssomebody ssssssstop me!"

*Liz'rd pushes aside a massive branch as he continues sniffing out the trail of the target of his pursuit, then carelessly lets it swing back as he passes. Bones, scanning the surroundings, yelps at the last moment as he catches sight of the branch swinging towards him. A second later, the skull is ripped off his shoulders and bounces off into the brush. Liz'rd hears the cry and looks back*

[Liz'rd] "Oopssss, hehehe. ssssorry massster"

*Liz'rd follows the calls of Bones' head into the brush and picks up the skull and puts it back atop his master's shoulders. Unfortunately, it does not stay put and Bones is forced to cradle the skull in his arms*

[Bones] "Wonderful. Now I need a bit of repairs. We'll have to stop at the tavern up ahead. Here, hold this as I cannot safely use this and hold my head at the same time"

*Bones hands over a magic wand he had retrieved while moving an unconscious 'wicked' witch around (in another adventure). Liz'rd looks at the wand curiously and swings it around*

[Bones] "Careful!"

*A few minutes later a loud banging is heard on the front door of the tavern. The door is then pushed open with skeletal hands and the dark figure of a tall cloaked headless creature stands in the entranceway, cradling a skull with glowing red eyes. A strike of thunder and lightning crackles behind him as Liz'rd accidentally sets off the wand*


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Dear Lord

(Waking from having passed out. Ichabod. Opens his eyes in time to see a skeletal hand opening the doorway the wind rustling the Cloak that hides the rest of this being. Ichabod feels the dizziness which usually preempts unconsciousness.)

" Death has come to take me " Ichabod trembles. "What manner of man am I that Death cometh so easily too. I have led my life with an attempt in trying to do right by others and here at the end am I to be taken from this life like this? this doe not fit with my dream of the way I would be taken as I had once imagines it in a carriage ride in the middle of the night on a lonely backroad where i would meet my fate" sighs "Such things are Deja Vu, It would seem to me that i have lived this agony a million times as well as my death sigh. Is this to end the way as all the times before."

"Without a doubt i feel that this night i shall meet my fate somewhere in this valley so i say unto you Death who meets this scared little man at the door." Shaking in his boots" Get thee away from me and let me let me "

(The ghost of Ichabod Crane weak from an eternal fear and having to relive this day over and over throughout eterniry only barely aware of the cruelty of fate, slumps down in the chair almost willingly submitting himself to his fate once more. His ghostly chest heaves with a ragged breath as it once did when mortal. On the winds of the eve. his counterpart equally aware of its destiny prepares once again for a fated ride into the night and into history.)


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[Bones] "Cursed Liz'rd!! Did I not tell you to be careful!?"

*Bones turns around and rips the wand from Liz'rd's hand, then turns again back to the inside of the tavern. He looks about and notices a small surprised girl and a quite distressed looking man sitting uneasily in his chair. He calms the fury that gave rise to the red glow in his eyesockets, and composes himself. With a nudge to Liz'rd, Bones shouts out merrily through his cradled skull*

[Bones] "Happy Hollow-een!!"

*Liz'rd grins and pushes his way in and spreads his arms with his clawed fingers wiggling*

[Liz'rd] "Trick or treat! hehehe"

*The light of the fire exposes the skeleton and his Lizardfolk companion as they enter, possibly quelling some fears, possibly not. Bones nonetheless approaches the bar cautiously. He puts his skull on the bar and talks*

[Bones] "I need tools. Last time I was here I decided to quit while I was a head, hahaha. Now I.. erm, need to remedy that"

[Liz'rd] "ssssome drinksss would be welcome alssso hehehe" *Liz'rd turns and grins at Lishler, his sharp teeth exposed to her* "ssssmall warrior ccchild eh? hehehe.. ssslain any rodentssss lately?"


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The tavern door opens and steps in Arboc the true, back from a long hard ride. "evening all", say the mighty Knight as he closes the door behind him. Sword on his hip, and a mace in his hand, Arboc walks over to Lishler and says, "Hello little warrior. I'm glad you made it back to the hollow in one piece." He rubs the the little girl's head as he walks by her. Taking a chair by the fire, Arboc sits and observes all the guests in the tavern. His cold eyes make contact with the visitors from Evil Way. Without blinking an eye Arboc says, "Lishler, come sit by me. Navic, two hot chocolates, for me and the little warrior." He places the mace on table to his right, and continues to stare at the new visitors to Misty Hollow.


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*Bones watches the knight walk in and sit down. Peculiar, he thought, how a man can be in two places at once, racing on a steed towards small walls in a swamp :? and simultaneously sitting in one spot in a tavern. (lol - get your roleplaying straight Arboc)*

*Liz'rd flicks his tongue at the knight and grins looking back at the girl*

[Liz'rd] "ssssshe your apprenticccee? hehehe"

*Bones gets some tools and fastens his skull to his spine and shoulders with brackets and bolts and a bit of crazy glue :p He turns around and addresses the crowd, pulling out a piece of paper with the words on it 'Beautiful female dancer now performing at Evil Way Inn. Her moneymaker she shakes better even than Tater.'*

[Bones] "Has any here seen the one who posted this sign? My companion has caught the scent of the one who put this up, and we've got a bit of.. questioning to do of him."

*Noone responds. He must have been alone. No matter, the trail of that person's scent had also led away from this tavern in another direction. But before returning to tracing the trail, a few drinks were in order*

[Bones] "Bartender, get me something that'll stick to my bones, if ya know what I mean."


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(Ichabod or the ghost there of watches the Tavernites in mixed apprehension. Time and time again Ichabod has lived this Tale. this time though was different. Night has past and All Hallows Eve has gone. what manner or witchcraft is this)

"Dear Lord has the curse cast upon me been broken?" softly whispered

tune in again to see what Ichabod is going to do!!!

Has the Headless Horseman also been released from his curse?

Does Navic still prefer wearing womens undergarments?

These answers and more coming soon to a thread near you!!


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Arboc reaches behind and grabs a small hot coal from the fire, and quickly throws at the hissing reptile, "Keep your pets off the furniture Bones. Wouldn't want to have to whack it on it's nose with a rolled up parchment or anything else that's handy." The mighty Knight smirks toward the visitor from another Inn. "This is Yseribus skeleton, almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it." Arboc winks and then turns his head in the direction of the skidish Ichabod, "School teacher, come sit here by the fire. Tell me of this other "Hollow" you come from."


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*Bones raises an eyebrow (something skeletons can't do mind you, but lets follow in Arboc's footsteps).*

[Bones] "Read minds, do you?" *another failing of a roleplayer is to address anothers unspoken thoughts aloud, (i.e. the two places at once remark) lol*

*Bones chuckles as his 'reptile' friend of some 5 feet in height and 200 lbs of muscle approaches the knight, holding the hot coal in his claws*

[Liz'rd] "thisssss yourssss?"

*Liz'rd grabs the knight and pops open the top of his helmet and drops the coal inside, hissing as he does so. He then lets go and watches the knight squirm about*


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An apology

(offending post caused by lack of sleep, Monday morning joy and kneejerk reaction removed)

I'd like to make a public apology, very OOC - I hope everyone will humor me.

First let me give a short bit of explanation for this morning's post - I spend a fair amount of time when I am MMO'ing trying to get folks to roleplay, so when I see things happen that usually discourage newbie rp'ers, it gets to me. I need to keep in mind that most of the folks here are rp veterans, not the folks that I try to encourage in other venues.

So, to Bones, I apologize. I would welcome your presence here should you choose to return, and would like to give you this <profers a model of the foot that she extracted from her mouth>.


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Listle you need to check your PM box already. I've had something sitting in my "Outbox" since november 7th which usually means it hasn't been read yet. So get on that will ya.