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INN Revival


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I know some of you were on the revival server until it went down and from the rumors, apparently the person who has the server code is not going to release it, not sure if they're holding out for a monetary gain on the code or what the driver is there. Thought I would link to the google groups for both the revival and the server code. People have offered money, servers to run it on, and monthly subscriptions for it but the owner is not open to allowing the software to be used...




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I tried reaching out to the guy. But cannot find any current info. Would be nice to play it again, I have several active servers perfect for the game. Maybe one day. He will let us start it back up.


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I belong to the INN Google Group. There used to be sporadic flurries of postings there (I get them via their List-server emails) but for months...nothing. The people who talk about "getting this game started again" go silent after a few months and nothing appears. It is much like another game I know, Illusia, where the owner/founder has everything but refuses to restart the game. The logistics & costs are minimal, he just doesn't want to. Ditto for INN Revival. To me, it is like having something but not sharing...gives them power over other people's emotions/frustration...and some people just can't pass up that opportunity. -*(