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Loose Ends


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Q: What loose ends?
A: There are several spots in the Night Elf Ingress where you can get a special reward for visiting. So far, I've only found a handful of these spots.

Q: Where can I find them?
A: Here they are. Simply visit these fountains to get a skill/spell:

1. Cliffhanger. If you access this area from the Wine Cellar in Twinion Keep, you'll find there is a pit with a boulder protruding over it and a fountain that you appear not to be able to reach. You'll need the rope from Tipekans here, which is accessible when you do the "lockpick quest" or exchange lockpicks to get to the Ballroom. Once you have the Rope, simply go to that point and step into the pit. Walk around the ledge to gain a skill.

2. The Carriage House - There is an unsightly pit in the southeast corner of here (when you access it from the Vault). Walk into this pit, which isn't a real pit, just some hole that you'll injure your ankle in, face east, and walk through the wall. Visit the fountain there.

3. The Ballroom - In here, there are two fountains. You'll need the Key of C to open the door to them. The southern one blesses you and the northern one poisons you, or so I believe, but the poison isn't deadly, so you can visit both without getting killed.

4. Race Track - Access Race Track from any TP in the Rat Race. Once at the "official" entrance, which is about 2 steps south of the northwest corner, make your way to B,6, face north, detect and pick the lock to open the secret door, and once you're done with that, go 2 steps north to get the Poison Cloud spell, or so I believe it is the same for all races/guilds.
In the Rat Race, there is a fountain located at O,16. Visiting this fountain will either get you a spell, or it may fetch you nothing at all - once again, unfortunately, I don't know which races/guilds get what here.