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New SUO sign up and download instructions


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New YSUO sign up and download instructions

Account Creation Instructions
To Create an Account for YSUO all interested will no longer need to send a Private message to Slohand. Simply follow the download and install instructions and once at the login screen. Input the Username and Password you wish to have and the account will be auto created. As always please keep this information to yourself and do not share account info.

Download Instructions:

Ok first thing you need is is a UO client you can download it here


or http://download.markeedragon.com (Please use upper download link it appears lower link has been temp suspended.)

It is 600 Megabytes but a DSL, Cable, T1, or T3 should be able to download this rather quickly. it took 7 minutes for my cable connection.

Once this is downloaded install it. and then Run it,, it will go into Autopatch mode. Let it autopatch until it is complete. Once it is totally complete shut it down we are down with this for now.

Ok one more thing to do THIS PORTION HAS BEEN UPDATED 12/11/2006
I wanted to post the best "fix" if you cannot log on to YSUO.

1. Download ConnectUO from here:


2. Extract the files from the rar to your desktop and double click either file to install ConnectUO.

3. Start ConnectUO and select the public server link and bring up the list of public servers.

4. Next click the sort link in the upper right corner, then find YSUO - Yserbius, double click it and it will be added to your favorites.

5. Double click the YSUO in your favorites and you will be on the way to loggin in.

If you want 3D, click the configuration link on the left side and then in the box that comes up double click the detect 3D link.
Microsoft .net Framework is needed for this.

If you need the .net framework you can download it here, version 1.1 is the one you need - I think (I have both 1.1 and 2.0 on my computer so it's hard for me to tell)

Version 1.1


Version 2.0 in case it is needed


Sir Dirk

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Oh ok actually I wasn't sure what YSUO was since it's part of the ultima online I'm probably not interested thanks for responding though :)


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Not currently. Not enough interest was being shown as well as the fact we were paying for a server that wasn't getting its limits tested, so we trimmed the fat, so to speak. When Ys2 needs a server, which will be soon, maybe we'll reconsider putting it up.


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We will be adding a server again pretty soon and if Sidd if up to it we will unroll our old YSUO so everyone will still have all their chars and homes and such


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anyway to get password if you forgot it because I am old and forget full? ys uo ver, is i am running maybe that is my problem