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No bees! Pretty sure anyway


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::peeks in::

I've got a lovely bunch of flowers fer sale! Promises to bring love and laughs to all who sniff.

Who wants ta have a whiff? Line up!


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Ya know, had it been back in the day I woulda done something like... <Tosses Lilly out on her ears> and say, "This is my turf!" But since I really don't have a green thumb anymore, all I can say is... "Who's got to much perfume on?!?"


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A customer!

::sniffs a wrist, then an armpit::

Wheeeewww, as ta the perfume - yer surely not the one! Errr... unless by smellin' yer wrist an armpit I've missed a spot! Lean down ta me, luv, an lemme getta a whiff behind yer ear.

Ya may not have a green thumb, but ya've got one wicked green glint in yer eye! An... though mum and da took me outta Miss Muffets school fer Tuffet Sittin' far too soon, even I know that if ya was ta throw me outta yer tavern most likely the end of the toss would end up with me "on" me cheeks, an not "on me ears".

::pats a round cheek fondly::

Many a tumble has been cushioned by me cheeks, yer not the first ta wanna give me a toss, sirrah! But hows about buying some a me blossoms? The first ten I can offer ya fer just a warm meal and some cool ale fer this many nights.

::clasps an enormous bunch of roses and lavender to one petal dotted breasts an holds up three thorn pricked fingers::

Well? What say ya, sirrah? Me nose tells me ya've been alone in the wood fer far too long - Fear Forest isn't it? - an a little company an some sweet smellin' blossoms fer yer tavern won't go amiss. Thats me offer, do we have a deal?


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<Sniffs armpit> Hey, now.... Just because I don't smell like flowers do'nt mean I smell bad either.... Besides, WHY are you going around sniffing strangers crevices? :roll: Shouldn't you be out spreading flower power to the masses? This tavern is well stocked with flowers.... See, there's Logan, he's a big flower.... :lol:


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Masses, one by one

::looks ta where Tiger is pointin'::

Ya've been in the woods too long if ya think he's a flower. Or ya might just be a bee of a different sort! Well, Imma not one ta judge. As fer the crevice sniffin', me ma always told me noses was made the way they be fer one reason - pokin' in where they shouldn't be. Me nose is always pokin' in, the way it was intended ta do!

::lays a tender rose down on a scarred table::

The only way ta reach the masses is one by one. See if ya like how this rose holds up. I'll be back next week with a different sort. Perhaps ya'd like to have a second ta give to yer friend?

::winks, an' leaves another::


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*Cough* Uhm, no... I'm not any kinda insect.... And been in the forest to long? Naw, I just got back.... Rando's fixin the place up nicely.... And Logan, well.... He's an Anarch, so we'll forgive him cuz no one's perfect... Hehehehe....


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Hey...Whats up with all the weeds in here??..And About this tossin.. <Thinks> Don't remember and fountan quests with ya..<Grin> All this flowers and stuff..<Pulls out weed killer> 8O