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Notes on Quests


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I just found my old handwritten notes (Care of RedPhoenix, Cyren's first online husband, back when my epithet was RP's Wench and he made an honest (well sorta) woman out of me.) He wrote out all the steps for certain quests to be done and what you get. They're for me, so they're thorough and dumbed down to the point that you can't screw it up if you tried. (Bless you RP)

He left me notes for:

Season's Quest
Blue Gem Quest (Killing Arnie)
Final Quest: (Here, to quote RP, you get: 5Mil exp, kite shield, headache)
Wind Knight Quest.

Some of the most fun I had at the beginning of my Yserbius days before I became a permanent tavernite was running around with RedPhoenix and bringing folks down to do Final Quest and meeting people in the game that way. That's sorta how I ended up being lots of folks' mommy...RP and I helped em out when they were babies.

What a blast!

RedPhoenix left and came back as BlkPhoenix, but he was always fun.

BlkPhoenix: "You do your worst, I'll do my best."
"Know this..."
"If ya tempt me, do you not get a rise?"
"If ya tease me, do you not get jumped on a TP door?"
"Know with whom you play with."

If anyone is going back out into this world and doing any questing, I can't think of a better way to put these excellent notes to use than to do what he always loved, teaching people stuff. Okay, he liked scaring the crap out of newbies while makin' 'em stronger.