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Q: How do I find and defeat Pluthros?
A: Pluthros is very easy to find and defeat. Either there was some sort of bug in the program files or this was supposed to be so, but there seems to be a "shortcut" to get to Pluthros. From the Pandemonium, take the portal labeled "Pluthros". The directions will tell you that you need to find and set 3 switches to unlock the cell to a prisoner that will give you what you need to defeat the Dralkarian Pluthros - the Hope's Fury. However, you don't seem to need to set any switches! You can simply find the portal to Juvalad, which is located in Trials. Then, simply make your way to the small "throne" in the resemblance to the plane Ashakkar. Pluthros will get angry and fling you to a long hall in Tribulations where Celestia is imprisoned. Since you did not make the effort to rescue her, however, she will still be locked in and you will reach around and yank the Hope's Fury from her neck. Then, take the portal back to Pluthros' throne room in Spheres Asunder and find the "throne" again. Since you now are worthy of fighting him, he says, you can destroy him to get another Dralkarian Ring. Follow the procedures to give his ring to the Queen. Once you've done so, go back to the Guild Hall to earn your levels.