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RainStorm Located


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I was able to located Rainstorms Email address and have sent a invitation to our good friend. hopefully he will honor us with his presence. It was a total accident that I found it. Hail Koy!!


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What can one say, but WOW! I am glad you remembered me old friend, Its been years and yet when i log into a game i tend to think that most new guilds have no clue what true fun is and being with reliable people. I only wished the players of today understood what a true foundation of players are. With Yserbius it was across the board. Most everyone was solid and supportive. Thank you Slohand for finding me and letting me know we still turn back to the old days with a smile. I do have some KOY people with me still after all these years playing EQ2 now. True friends are hard to find. Keep them as long as you can.



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Good ole Rainstorm. Little did I know that being in KoY back in the day would lead to such a longterm friendship that thrives today.

I think I was "Sir Hensor". I spent sooooooooooo much money on this game when it was a huge monthly fee (I seem to recall $200/month for unlimited).

You find out who the real friends are as time progresses. I think it's really cool that this game is being revived. I'll have to check it out.