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Rember me ?


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Hi all, Ive been gone so long, was wondering if anyone rembers me hehehe
I havent been on the net, in like 18 months or so due to a dispute with my isp and taking them to court and stuff.
but hoping will have the net on again soon, just on a friends wirless internet
to log in and say hi to every one, hope you all have been well and havin a great time.

till them stay safe and well
will try to log in often

palasand (the slow one)


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Hey Pala,
Long time no hear... hope all is well.. and we need to get Beamer and Mac to get Emp back up and running..

Later SirDie


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hi sir ans slo good to see you 2 also
and yar sir we sure do need to find them
be good to get back gaming with yas

its pritty hard to find a good cheap isp at the moment, almost all companies are only offering 1500k adsl-2 with limited download and very costly and when dl limit reached is throteled down to 65k,
10 gig download is like $39 up to like $100 for 100 gig a month

maybe have a unlimited 256k adsl conection soon well hoping to, should get me back online

but till then can get the friends wireless stick when she is at work so is good but cant play games or download to much with it

and ow yer, I put together a I7 system with windows 7 on it for a friend,
dam, I so want one now and windows 7 rocks it, quikest comp ive ever seen!!!!!


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ow and too been playing this lil browser game Evony a stragity game
its sort of fun adictive too
just started to play it for dident want to down load and waist friends dl usage till i get the internet back on at least heheh


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just signed up with an isp so it should be active in a couple days

514k totaly unlimited for $54 a month when i bundled it with their phone deal
works out to $92 a month so not to bad


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Will be turning the server back on here shortly. YSUO will be restarted also. I am pretty sure that all your house and stuff is as you left it. except for a few notes on your bulletin board now. will let you know once it is back up.


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cool thanks slo, that be good havent got uo on this hd will hope i still have the one its on, but I put wow on this one last night just have to wait till my new connection is switched on to dl the rest of the liech king
heheh can have to hope uo still works on win 7 or will have to lame it and go back to vista or xp hangs head for even thinking of suck a thing!!


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The hard drive I had UO on died but I went through my junk room and founf the origanal UO cd the Discovery edition, I installed it on my system and guess what couldent get it to work no matter what I tried, the video was just messed up no matter what mode or color setting i tried, so guess if I play UO mite put together another system with win 98, 2000 or xp just will have to look for a cheap screen.