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RPI Textfile Dumps - 1994


Message for Upgrade
Hey guys...I unfortunately barely remember my time in KOY, but from what I've gathered from every single textfile I saved, I left on a sour note. :/ But I do remember the times before the sour note fondly and really enjoyed it. Some of the names are familiar, others are not. My mind's kinda hazy mainly because it was so freakin long ago.

I have a bunch of textfiles on my PC from January-March, 1994 in relation to KOY on RPI. Chat logs, newsletters, member lists, etc. I figured I'd upload them here to help with the history. I was always a packrat when it came to this stuff.

Anyway, onto some text files I haven't looked at in 13 years...

Member List #1 said:
Roleplay Inn KOY as of 1/21/94

OVL Lady Bry 22853
LD Blackwolf 1719
DK Bretide 32636
EL Brushfire 41258
QM Asparatime 90134
GEN Capt Crary 83747
CMDR Theros 32277
CAPT Shawnee 88270
CAPT Chandre 99843
Lt Andrea 58643
Lt Tigris 91393
Lt Balthorn 91506
SAA Slash 22569 & 99124
SAA Rydom 68181
SAA Montagne 21245
CPL Tempeste 73834
CPL Archangel 72558
CPL Silvanthas 84787
CPL Firebird 72558

HMN Matty 70054
HMN Narhl 80526
HMN Solaufrin 76178
HMN Sunrunner 74427
HMN Sharantyr 93204
HMN Crazy One 50417
HMN Romulus 90852
HMN Lord Seth 83747
HMN Talamar 63178
HMN Raven (need mb#)
HMN Worfscom 80888
HMN Zarcod 95696
HMN Kedar 101457

SQ Kill 103259

RG Stanton 21239
RG Moria 63421
RG Helun 23143
RG Kendor 16785
RG TaylorDane 92661

TK/TavernKeeper Glandor 84455
BM/BarMaid Rosethorn
BM/BarMaid Rosepetal
DM/DungeonMaster Signe
Thief NightFlare 78559
Member List #2 said:


OVL Blackwolf 1719
LD Bretide 32636
DK Theros 32277
EL Chandre 105107
CMD Andrea 58643
CPT Kendor 16785
LT Raven 86865
SAA Sharantyr 93204
CPL Archangel 72558
CPL Kedar 101457
LCR Sunrunner 74427
HMN Charlie 95627
HMN Crush 86695
HMN Flar Horon 60200
HMN Lender 93451
SQ Corvus 41312
SQ Kill 103259
SQ Lenza 89283
SQ Quar 75312
SQ Ria 101068
SQ Tormak 93649

QM D'nea 36103
STU Firebird 72558
STU Morgwyn 4606
STU Rydom 68181

CIV Zarcod 95696

(I have no clue why I copyrighted the program - I also still have the program, but not the source code. I wrote it in QuickBASIC.)

The "FYI RPI" Newsletter Dated Feb. 15 said:
                / ||
                \ ||
                 l l
                 l l
                 l l
         KOY Roleplay Inn
FYI-RPI Issue 1 Volume 1
Editor & Scribe: Blackwolf
We're back!
Greetin's from KOY Roleplay Inn! After the roll call, we have 26 members. Sure, we had 50 before, but it's a start.
Now, we are sending this to everybody on the roster. This may even include those who have not joined but recieved our info packet.
If you are one of these people and do not wish to serve in the KOY Military, please let us know so we can take you off the list.
Please spend some time in Roleplay Inn with your KOY epithet. One warning - Don't drink ale from the "KOY Keg". It's...well...contaminated.

Terror in the tavern! How to deal with the chaos!
The most important thing to remember while being in the tavern is to have fun. But, try to follow these guidelines prepared by myself for you to ignore.
1. There are many people out to kill you. Always be on the defensive, not on the offensive.
2. Don't drink the ale. Blackwolf already spoke of this.
3. Many people have Deathwishes. Stay away from him...er...those.
4. Enjoy friendly conversations with all of your friends, KOY or not.
5. Make sure your shoes are tied.
6. Comes after 5.
7. Stay out of Blackwolf's Dark Corner(TM). He gets really mad about that.
8. Try to avoid flashing your KOY badge around. It makes people nervous.
9. If anybody insults you, think of it as a big joke.
10. This is only a game. Treat it as such, and you will have an enjoyable time.
10.4 One of the earlier versions of TSN/INN.

KOY Roleplay Inn weekly meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 6:30 pacific starting on Feburary 23rd. We don't have a conference yet, but we will soon.
KOY Fox Hunts will be held in Sword Swamp this Saturday the 19th. Time currently unknown - check the posts in the Swamp.
Lord Bretide of RPI is marrying D'Nea on Friday, Feburary 18th at 9:00 pacific in RPI at the Island of Eternity. Escorts will be available if they can get there themselves.
Overlord Jack of Dagger Alley is marrying Overlord Wolfe of Volcano Ridge on Saturday, Feburary 26th at 6:00 pacific in Volcano Ridge (FOT) at the Queen's Palace.

Overlord Blackwolf - 1719
Lord Bretide - 32636
Duke Theros - 32277
Earl Chandre - 99843

Sunrunner - Where's all my money? -Bretide

THIS SPACE FOR RENT - If you would like a personal in FYI-RPI (it does NOT have to be KOY related) write Blackwolf (1719) for now.
FYI RPI Feb. 21 said:
KOY Games
Did you know that there are 12 KOY hosts? This is sort of like 12 different countries in a world. And since the Winter Olympics are going on, I would like to touch on some of the games we play.
One KOY Institution is the Fox Hunt. Fox Hunts have been around for a while, one occuring just this past Saturday night. Yours truly was a fox. Most people will say I was annoying also.
Fox Hunts are when you get in a team (or venture alone) and hunt out another person and challenge them. To win, you must kill the fox. You do get updates on the last location the foxes were spotted at.
Next time one is annouced, give it a try.
I also wanted to touch on a game that KOY Roleplay Inn is planning to host, and it will be talked about at our first meeting in Married Life on Wednesday Night at 6:30 pacific time.
The game is called "King of the Volcano", a cheap rip-off of the Red Baron tourney. It's basically a ladder tournament. There are different ladders for different levels.
The winner in each ladder will get to see their name in lights and their host in lights.
I don't think that anybody can defeat KOY Roleplay Inn. This is how I plan on presenting it to the council. Questions can be asked at the meeting about KotV.

How To Avoid Becoming A Bloody Mess On The Volcano Floor
1. Make sure you know who you're fighting.
2. Know what version he's on.
3. Avoid fighting any level 0 people. It's always unfair - sometimes not in your favor.
4. Backfire immediately and follow with curses.
5. Avoid the other guy's curses.
6. Make sure you have a good weapon.
7. Duck!
8. Don't drink and fight.
9. Mute the challenge button. Works every time.
10. If you really don't want to become a bloody mess, don't fight ME.
10.4 This was on our last list, wasn't it?

KOY Roleplay Inn weekly meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 6:30 pacific in Married Life.
Overlord Jack of Dagger Alley is marrying Overlord Wolfe of Volcano Ridge on Saturday, Feburary 26th at 6:00 pacific in Volcano Ridge (FOT) at the Queen's Palace.

Overlord Blackwolf - 1719
Lord Bretide - 32636
Duke Theros - 32277
Earl Chandre - 99843

Rain - You caught the bouquet...Who are you marrying? -Bretide

Ignorance is. -Bliss

THIS SPACE FOR RENT - If you would like a personal in FYI-RPI (it does NOT have to be KOY related) write Blackwolf (1719) for now.
And one last thing not written by me, but related to what's in FYI RPI...

Fox Hunt Rules said:

You are invited to a Fox Hunt. It will be this Saturday February 19 at 9pm CENTRAL TIME. It will be held in Swords Swamp and hosted by IM Innocence (former OVL of Swords Swamp).

There will be 2 special guest foxes this weekend. Due to the number of KOY members we will be limiting the hunt to KOY MEMBERS ONLY!!

1) You can either travel alone or in groups. Groups have a better chance of surviving.

2) You are not allowed to use ANY TYPE of MACRO and you CAN NOT TELEPORT.

3) There will be a monitor in the tavern to relay information to the groups but due to the fact that only 10 groups can be highlighted some individuals who want to travel alone might be left out. 4) You must report sightings of the foxes to the monitor so it can be relayed to others.

5) Foxes can not go thru any water.

6) To catch the fox you must face them in a challenge and WIN!!! If your group dies then you may re-enter the mountain after telling the monitor that you have died.

Any violations of these rules will cause your group to be disqualified. If you have any questions please contact IM Innocence (72133) or Capt Leto (83029).
I'll go through everything else and see if there's any other neat stuff to post. I have all of my generic welcome and promotion emails as well that I just imported into the INN mail interface.

Lady Bry

Inactive Members
Hey, where'd I go on those lists? :)

I don't remember ever stopping being an Overlord (or lordess ;-), where'd I go on those lists? I disappeared after the first one, but I know I was still haunting Yserbius... of course, I have the memory of a gnat.. or was it a flea? :)

Lady Bry


Message for Upgrade
From what I can piece together, Lady Bry, there was some sort of e-drama that occured in January of 1994 that caused a lot of people to "split" from KOY. This was when the roster for RPI went from 50 to 26 (as stated in the first newsletter.) I've looked through meeting minutes and chat logs and it looks like I took over from you - with your blessing, according to the whispers - on January 30th. I even have the exact wording of your exit speech that you made at that meeting, essentially it boiled down to "look how much we're getting worked up OVER A GAME" and I'll leave it at that for now. I don't see the point in bringing up what actually happened.

Anyway, here's some other stuff I found - not sure if you guys have any of this. None of this was written by me, it was written by others and sent to me once I became OVL.

Ranking Structure and Duties said:
SQ (Squires) - Squires are the newest members of our community. They are
responsible for attending guild meetings to keep informed of the latest in
KOY. Squires report to the Duke of the community for orientation into KOY.
All Squires should make an effort to seek out other members and introduce
themselves. During this time of Orientation, the squire should be deciding
on his future plans in KOY. Be it joining the military, becoming a teacher
of quests or becoming a villiager. Squires must make this decision before
promotion is possible.

HMN (Henchman) - Henchmen are responsible to the CPL's and up. They should
attend at least 1 of the meetings per week. HMN's should actively seek out
help to better themselves via questing/training. They should assist the
squires whenever possible. In times of unrest/war, they should offer their
protection wherever possible and follow the directions of their SAA's or
next highest ranking member on-line.

RG (Royal Guards) - Royal Guards are equiviant to Elite Henchmen. (See HMN
above) HMN's are promoted to RG's because they actively participate in
meetings and KOY functions and continue to try to better themselves. RG's
may seek out prospective new squires for our community and sponsor them to
be squired by the LD or OVL. Rg's should learn the basics for fighting and
the basic quests (Guantlet and Lord Aqueus quest).

LNCR - (Lancers) Lancers are a peer group for the RG's (See RG's above).
During times of war..(particularly if we are fighting on another host)
Lancers would be the first group into battle...whereas the RG's would
remain with the community and serve as a home guard unless directed
otherwise by the LT or above.

CPL (Corporals) - CPL's are responsible for assisting the SAA's in their
duties. (See Below) CPL's should also know the following quests to be
considered for promotion to SAA: Guantlet, Lord Aqueus, Sluice, Queen's

SAA (Sargeant At Arms) - SAA's are responsible to their Squad Leader
and Garrison Leader (usually LT and CPT respectively). They are required
to assist their Squad Leader with Squad meetings and may be called on to
hold meeting in the absence of the LT. Saa's should seek out prospective
new members for our community. They should continue to better their
knowledge of the volcano by learning slate and parchment map quests.
SAA's should offer guidance and help to SQ's, HMN's, RG's and LNCR's.
During times of war and mock war, they will lead a unit of the squad
into battle.

LT (Lieutenant) - LT's are squad leaders. They are responsible for the
squad that they lead. They report to the Garrison Leader (CPT) LT's
should know all 4 map quests. They should seek out prospective new
members and sponser them to be squired. LT's may promote SQ's to HMN's
based on recommendations from their SAA's and CPL's and based on their
own judgement. LT's should recommend exceptional players to their CPT
and Commander for promotion to RG, LNCR,CPL or SAA. Lt's are responsible
for submitting weekly reports on their meetings to their CPT and
Commander...who will forward to LD and OVL. LT's may sponser new members
to be squired.

CPT (Captain) - Captains are responsible for holding a Garrison meeting
once a week. They are the Garrison Leaders. They report to the
Commander. They may sponsor potential new members to be Squired. They
should be fairly familiar with the dungeon. They should be competent
in battle tactics and strategies. The may promote up to the rank of RG,
based on recommendations from their LT's. They should recommend promotions
of CPL and SAA to their Commander. They are responsible for giving help
and guidance to those in their Garrison. They will work with other
Garrison Leaders on games and activities to be held with other
Garrisons and Squads for fun and competition. During times of war and
mock war, they will coordinate their troops in battle.

CMDR (Commander) - The Commander is responsible for the Military of our
community. CMDR reports to the EL, DK, LD and OVL, except during times
of unrest, when he reports directly to the LD, OVL or GEN. Commander
may promote up to SAA, based on his own judgements and those
recommendations from his LT's and CPT's. He/She may also seek out new
members and squire them into the community.The Commander will work to
arrange mock wars with other Twinions, and set up training times for
practice on PVP (Challenge ARena) for himself and his officers. The
Commander will attempt to handle all problems of the military. Any
problems that can not be resolved will be brought to the attention of
the Lord. The Commander will be responsible for the placement of
members into Garrisons. He\She will send their recommendations for LT
and above to the EL and up.

EL (Earls) - Earls are resopnsible to the DK, LD and OVL. They may
seek out new members to Squire. They attend community officers
meetings. They give their recommendations on promotions. The Earl
may "inspect the troops" by attending and assisting in any
Garrison/Squad meetings. The Earl is responsible for maintaining
communications with all the other KOY Communities. He/She will help
to coordinate events for community and between communities. Earl will
also maintain community roster.

DK (Duke) - Dukes report to the LD and OVL. They may make their
recommendations for promotions to their LD and OVL. They may seek out
new members to squire. The Duke may also "inspect the troops" by
offering assistance/help in the meetings. The Duke is responsible for
Orientation of new squires into Community. They also head up the
recruitment departement. Dukes are responsible for planning and
scheduling..open house events, games, and dinners, for all ..to
generate membership in KOY.

LD (Lord) - Lords are responsible for assisting the OVL. Lords may
Squire members into the KOY. They are responsible for overseeing the
ranks and seeing that we're all having fun as we are suppose to be
having. In the absence of the OVL, they are in charge. Really their
duties are endless. Lords are also responsible for resolving all
disputes not resolved by the Commander or Minister of Interior. Lord's
decisions are final..only the OVL may overturn a verdict or grant

OVL (Overlord) - The jobs of the OVL are too numerous to list here.
They are ultimately responsible for their community and to insure that
we all have fun. The OVL makes decisions on all promotions of LT's
and up...based on recommendations and their own judgements. The Overlord
holds a seat on the council of KOY that democratically votes on all
issues concerning KOY as a whole.

OVC (Overlord Champion) - {Duties still being worked on}. Traditionally,
it has been awarded to the winner of competitions in the Festivals, to
hold until defeated in a future Festival.

SC (Scribe) - Scribes are responsible for keeping us all up to date on all
the events and happenings in KOY.

Villiagers- Villiagers are those who opt to take a less active role in KOY
or who otherwise do not seek to be in the KOY military. They may take up
the occupation of their choice....such as BK- Barkeep...SK- Store keep,
BKS- BlackSmith..FRM- Farmer...etc.
KOY Chronicle 1-20-94 said:
                / ||               
                \ ||              
                 l l                
                 l l             
                 l l           
       *Kingdom of Yserbius******************************         *KOY Chronicle*           *
****************************          January 20th 
Editor: Lyra                   FREE
*Brought to You by Postal Carrier*

>Overlord Suzanne of RPI has resigned from KOY. We thank her for her efforts and hard work and wish her well. Lady Bry (formerly Lord of RPI) has been promoted to Overlord of both RPI in YS and Wraith Ravine in FOT. >Overlord Crys has been approved by High Council to move her family from Twinion Pub to Misty Hollow in FOT. Her and her family now reside in both Lance Lair and Misty Hollow, drop by to see their new home and wish them well!

>Allison was named Lord of Dagger Alley under Overlord Jack.
>Sturm was named Lord of Misty Hollow/Lance Lair under Overlord
>Tirwen was named Lord of RPI/Wraith Ravine under Lady Bry but has resigned.
High Council has created the Royal Quest Master postion. This postion will be in charge of all Quest Masters and hold a seat in High Council but not vote. No one has been chosen to fill this role.

All Scribes are reminded to send an
updated list of their upper ranks to
Chancellor Terminator when
changes occur.
CATCH US IF YOU CAN.............
Mace Manor is hosting a Fox Hunt on Saturday, January 29th at 7pm Pacific time (10pm Eastern). All KOY are encouraged to attend this event!! There shall be a Hare Hunt for those who are level 20 or less and a Fox Hunt for everyone else!! A reward of a plat bar, a trophy, and you shall see your names right here in print, in the KOY Chroncile!! Please plan on attending, much ale, fine food, and just plain fun are sure to abound!!
**************************** Helpfull Hints by Harweath
(Animal Husbandry Specialist)
Are you having trouble with that pet Dragon of yours??? Does he/she burn all the items in the house each time you let them wander into the castle foyer? Do they continually try to fly off.. only to come back with all your neighbor's fine jewels?? Well I am here to help. Try one of our special "Flame Away" elixirs. Add two drops a day to your pet Dragon's food and POOF no more fire. And buy some "FAKE" jewels down at the local market, they are having a special on "Cute Zirconnias" and you can outfit your pet dragon right so they wont steal anymore! ADS AND PERSONALS
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^For Sale: Flex Sword in fine shape, razor sharp, family heirloom. Must sell cheap to raise funds for expensive Castle wife is making me build. Reply to PoorMan at 55555.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^To Nymph, Tirwen, Suzanne, Arcadia: It is with heavy heart I hear of your leaving. Ye all shall be missed. Our fun times and the laughter shall remain in my heart. . I wish you well. Anonymous
Any ads,personals, news items,
Please send them to Box 20915.

Correction: In the last issue, the new Overlord in Dagger Alley was incorrectly given. Overlord Jack is the new Overlord.

Till next issue .. may you travel with a happy heart and strong weapon in the volcano... may you walk cautiously near any pits and lava.. may ye always smile upon your fellow man/woman. May you alway find peace

By-Laws of KOY said:
Section 1 (Kingdom of Yserbius)
1) All members of KOY are required to wear a KOY epithet that
has been approved by the High Council of KOY.
2) Hacking your KOY Character is strictly forbidden and is
grounds for explusion from the guild.
3) Use of obscene and/or offensive language is strictly forbidden and is
grounds for explusion.
4) Publicly(sending to tavern or map) attacking another KOY
member be it verbal or physical is strictly forbidden and
may be grounds for explusion.
5) All members will follow the laws of their community set
forth by their Overlord, High Cleric, or ArchMage
6) All members must attend a minimum of one meeting a month
to maintain an active status. Failure to attend at least one meeting a
month may result in loss of rank or could be
grounds for expulsion.

Section 2 (Overlord)
1) The Overlord will govern and lead his/her community
following the guidelines and rankings set forth by the
High Council.
2) The Overlord may make any decision in their community that
does not effect all of KOY and/or that will not adversely
effect another KOY community. 3) The Overlord will answer to the High
Council of KOY and
will follow and abide by all laws and verdicts set forth
by the majority vote of the High Council of KOY.
4) The Overlord is entitled to one seat and one vote on the
High Council. In the event the Overlord can not attend a
meeting he may give his seat and vote by proxy to his
Lord. In any event where the OVL nor the Lord are able to attend a
council meeting, The OVL may give his vote by
proxy to his Duke but must notify the Chancellor prior to
the next meeting. If neither the OVL, LD, Dk can attend
the meeting, then the Overlord must forfeit his/her right
to a seat and vote for that meeting.

Section 3 (High Cleric)
1) The High Cleric is the same as Overlord above with the exception that
they govern and lead the Church of KOY.
a) Pertaining to Section 2 #4, For HIgh Cleric ...Lord =
ArchBishop or whoever is second in charge, and Duke =
whoever is third in charge of the Church.

Section 4 (ArchMage)
1) The ArchMage is the same as the Overlord above in Section
2 with the exception that they govern and lead the Coven
of KOY. a) Pertaiing to Section 2 #4, For ArchMage...Lord = whoever
is second in charge of Coven, and Duke= whoever is third
in charge of Coven.
Section 5 (Chancellor)

1) The Chancellor is responsible for persiding over and
maintaining order throughout High Council Meetings.
2) Chancellor is responsible for circulating information to
other members of the council and for sending and maintaining an agenda
and summary of the meetings.
3) The Chancellor does not recieve a vote in the meetings.
4) To maintain order and control during meetings, the
Chancellor has within his/her power to Warn, or Expel any
member of the High Council, from that meeting, for
improper, and/or abusive behavior. Any such person who is
expelled from the meeting forfeits their vote on any remaining issues
in the meeting and run the risk that the
High Council may take further disciplinary action.

Section 6 (High Council)

1) A majority vote is needed to pass ANY issue brought before
the council with the following exceptions :
a) If the majority vote is only a majority by one vote
(ex..6 ayes and 5 nayes)then the issue does not pass and must be
revoted on at the next meeting. At the next meeting the issue may pass with
any simple majority, including the 6-5 example.
2) The Council of KOY deals with only issues that effect the whole of KOY or
the well being of KOY.
3) All council members are expected to observe proper meeting protocol and
to yeild to the Chancellor whos duty it is to maintain proper protocol.
4) In order to have a meeting there must be enough council members present
for a quoram. ( a simple majority). 5) For a compilation of all issues that
have been passed by the KOY Council, Please send your request to Chancellor
Terminator at box 31813 and request the KOY Law Book.

Lady Bry

Inactive Members
Past is over, its a new Yserbius

Okay, I'm remembering that there was a lot of bickering and pettiness going on and I got fed up with it - but the details and participants have all been totally forgotten.

Blackwolf - you can be Overlord of KOY again if you like... I'm the Supreme Goddess so that means I can do what I want when I want - nobody commands me but I command all! ;)

Just think.. you can join Shocker and me for our meetings... held whenever we want, no attendance required. Not sure if you'll ever recover from one of them, but you'll never forget it ;)

I'm sure that if we end up with tons of KOY again, we'll hafta institute rules again... but, since its the same now as it was in the past, it's a game then the main thing is to have FUN! :D

I do have one requirement for you, though... you have to actually go into the new Yserbius and I hafta actually see you there before you can have your rank back ;) You don't get to have it just because you're a packrat! :D

I know, I know.. it's such a strain to load that silly lil' dosbox program and actually click the mouse a few times to go there... but a big guy like you can handle that, right? ;) You've already proven that you have a computer.. the rest is downhill from there.


Staff member
Tirwen wow theres another name! along with Lady Bry that was a "steal your breath away name" lol. some reason i want to confuse her with Porter but do not remember whos alt was who,, LB you remember Tirwen?


Yserbius Hero
My goodness. I wonder if I am even the same, mischievous brat as back in the day...
Yep. Some things never change. I remember being in KOY for a day or two. I doubt it was official, however.