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Shrink System


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You may now purchase shrink items to shrink your pets and free up some of that stable space.

Although it has not happend, shrinking your pet may have strange side effects, the worst is that your pet dissappears. Like I said, it hasn't happened. Several players and myself, have shrunk many pets with no ill side effects. It appears that it is good and nothing bad will happen.

On that note... DO NOT shrink any evolution creature, dragons, hiryus, fighting chickens. They WILL NOT keep their kill points. Use a stable for those animals.

Mercs are evolution people also. Do not shrink them. To care for them, you must use a stable stone. You will not be able to stable a Merc with and animal trainer. In the next week, a public stable stone for Mercs will be put in the Rune House for all to use if you do not own a stable stone. Until that is done, borrow one to stable your Merc. Enjoy.

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