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How fast do you think you could defeat King Cleowyn's Ghost? Arnakkian? Reach the game's end?

To answer this question - and to provide a new way to play games on MedievaLands - I am opening up the Hall of Records to beta testers today! The Hall of Records collects speed running records, and every newly created character is eligible to participate in speed runs and have their best exploits recorded.


In all honesty, my thought has always been that it should take hours to reach Cleowyn. I've been somewhat awestruck at how quickly this early goal can be reached. I've already seen someone start the game, reach Cleowyn, and dispatch the ghost in under twelve minutes. Color me super surprised - and super impressed!

The Hall of Records is currently configured to keep the records of the top fastest twenty record-holders, so I encourage you to give it a try as well.

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