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The Old Creepy Castle is back.


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Ahhh, very nice! Good old Castle Creep!

Now if only Darkmoore and Kelos were around to summon tavern vortexes and brew their other special flavors of mahem, it would be just like old times.

Slo, Thanks for including CC!

Best Regards,


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Ya need to get someone in here to clean this place up Macros,, the dust <runs fingers across the bartop> is terrible. It lays havic on my allergies!!! <sneezes>

Luckily it doesnt effect my drinking hand... pour me an ale!!!!

Good to see another old place coming alive... Slo


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Actually the second... but we shan't speak of the first.

I remember the Castle.. can't say I visited much. One can drink just so many ales in so many spots...


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This name I remember ..."beamer" ... wow no one else I recognize

This is Banchi ... remembering ... capri, mairead, megadude, barak, bondu, starfire, um.... I know there was more ... oh yeah gossamer, lightening... mmmm who else ... anyone remember any of these great people?


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(Bang) Bring out yer dead!!!! (Bang) Bring out yer dead!!!

With how the idiots are running things these days, stealing money, making fear statements, such as swine flu and such, a vision of the past kinda invaded my mind of years back. This vision was of a running story that was in the posts back on EMP.

At first it was slow coming, but then it just flooded my mind and I just broke out laughing, at times very hard

This story that I created with some help from others ..and then anyone we brought into it, was one of the best moments I had while I was there.

That story was Poo Wars..

If life was just that simple as to just throw Poo at some of these stupid idiots that are messing up our world, that would be so much fun