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The Ruins


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*At least she'd found a generous willow tree, that had gifted her with a proper divining rod. She held the ends of the "Y" shaped branch, and watched for the long slender shaft to bob either up or down. Either would indicate an underground source of water. Nature had a strange way of returning to that from whence it had come. The willow tree grew beside the river in the ruins. The divining rod would seek the water that Evil Way held in secret. Now all she had to do was convince Arboc to accept the medallion in the spirit with which it was given. Oh, and get the breeding animals for Evil Way. And then she'd have her boots. And then, well... who knew for sure? Surely not her. She'd been the instrument of chaos for far too long to become rigid in thought or plan. Better to remain as fluid as the water she'd been submersed in in her dream. Of course, a little focus didn't hurt. She stopped testing the divining rod and searched the ruins for Arboc.

"Arboc? Are you here?"

*she thought she saw a wagon in the distance, coming towards the river. A movement caught her attention. She turned to watch a toad hop from a crevice in the ruins, he puffed his throat, and croaked in greeting. She smiled.*

"You are one of mine... At last."

*she laughed with delight, some would have found it disturbing*


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*Having absolutely no patience for delays and now in possession of a divining rod and her old friend (she patted his warty back fondly and kissed his nose slits quickly), she waited with a foot tapping for the wagon to draw closer. A farmer coming from Misty Hollow en route to Evil Way to sell his produce in the barren land's market. Perfect. She hopped aboard with rod and toad. Anxious to begin her work.*