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Theives' Key


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Thieves' Key

To get the Thieves' key, from the Dungeon Entrance, go to The Mines. From the entrance of the mines, go 1 step north as shown on the map. Turn east and detect the wall there. A secret door will appear. Go through it and go 1 step east, 1 step south, and 1 step west. If you are level 20 or above, a teleport will appear. Go through it. You will now be at the Thieves Den. Once you are there, follow the highlighted path on the map. The walls that you have to go through (fake walls) are colored in red. To go through them, just go up to them and go through as you would through a door. Also, you will encounter walls that you have to detect secret doors in. These are highlighted in green. On these walls, you may also use the Omniscient Prism. Some will required to be detected AND opened via a lockpick or the Lockpick skill. These are highlighted in blue. The Thieves Key (and several treasures) are located at the spot marked "T". Once you have it, you may open the level 20 Door near the northwest corner of the Dungeon Entrance.

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