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Message for Upgrade
**Long before the Dark Steed and Rider can be seen the thunderous pounding can be heard. Vibrating one's self to the core. Moments later a mount, its nostrils flaring and issueing heated air like clouds in the morning air come racing up to the Good Tavern in this humble lil town of Castle Creep. Set lazily beneath a great Volcano this little town spends most of its time sleeping time away. very few folks visit these parts any more. and it is to here this rider arrives.**

"Hello in there. I say Hello in there" The rider yells while still mounted to the nearest Tavern Interior.

Not seeing any signs of life the Rider choses ayell rather than a dismount.

"Would there be any here?" He says clutching a small Leather encased Wooden chest to hisself and his saddle. "I am in need of assistance"

<Long Pause>..................

"Drats" He mumbles to himself.

**Looking toward the Volcano the rider hears an angry howl as a cool wind picks up and comes down off the Volcano, causing him to pull his cloak tighter around himself and the Chest. His mount nostrils still flaring from a relentless 3 day journey tosses his head high in the morning air. picking up the scent of something coming, something impending**

"I know my friend,, it is coming, it is nearly time. What shall we do should not find here" Sighs the raggled stranger.

**Sensing time wasted the mount prances tugging impatiently at the bit ready to be off again**

"Well off with you then my fleet footed friend, We must find this one before it be to late fer us all" Wheeling tightly they race from the empty tavern yard down the road and into the distance.

**sounds of man and beast fade into the distance and the song of amorning bird begins anew. A light breeze stirs down the Street. barely noticable is an old and torn parchment that once hong in the Tavern faire News Board. Faded scripts barely now legible reads.

"To my Dearest Love,
I can take but a moment to write you now for I fear the worst is yet. Do you remember what I began to tell you just the other day. about well you know? . I am afraid my suspicions are right. My trip to Yserbius was not wasted my love. I know....(faded out....) and why he is here. I think he knows of my presence and how it could mean his undoing in all of his evil plans. I mustnt speak of this no more. Please send my things immediately less all that we live for is lost. Remember where we met last my love when once we walked this land. Met me there or have someone meet me 2 fortnights hence. Hurry time is the utmost. (faded out) and we must be able to put the ( Faded out)

All My Love
Vi t (Faded Out)

PS. There are alot of folks here in Yserbius here of late. We may find it neccessary to trust those about. I will (faded Out)

Torn and ragged the note stays but a second before the breeze carries it gently down the path. the sounds of Birds and the breeze is all we hear as this scene fades***