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Tokens have been added to the game, with which you can purchase different items from a vendor stone. Some items have never been seen before.

There are two ways to get tokens:
1. Get the free token box from the token vendor stone. If you want a blessed token box from the gold vendor stone next to the token vendor stone. Blessing does cost gold. To get tokens using the token box, drop armor, weapons, or clothing on the token box and you will get tokens placed in your back pack.

2. [Claim command is the second way to get tokens. The claim command will clean up your kills (delete them). MAKE SURE YOU LOOT THE CORPSE BEFORE YOU USE THE CLAIM COMMAND. If you do not, you will not be able to get the gold or any other loot from your kills. If you use the claim command tokens will again be placed in your backpack.

Come and join us and make sure you enjoy the goodies.
~/ Beramar


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Jandar mentioned his Stable Stone would also open when "[claim"ing. Not a big deal... just thought I'd let ya know.

A necromancer, who wish not to be named, said he loves the token system. He can loot the corpse, then animate it, then [claim it when it dies again.

Thank you GM's! You time, effort and creations are much appreciated!


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I've had the stable stone want to go when using claim also.

I made a macro for the [claim command, I just his f5 and then I say nothing :)

I also recently noticed that if you single click on the stable stone you get a selection of stable pet and talk. Talk allows you to claim with out saying claim.

More tidbits.