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What's up with the chat Room?


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OKay, Dunno if I'm doing something wrong.. or what.. but, everytime I try to go into the chat room it gives me a long spill about registering my screen name from a list of names to the right.. but, from as far as I can tell.. there is no list of names.

Here is the start of what I get:
"Registering your Nickname
To become a registered member of a chat site, you should register your nickname. Registering your nickname creates a profile for you and prevents other users from using that nickname, as the profile is secured by a password that you choose.
To register your nickname (which creates a profile), click your nickname in the list of nicknames that appears to the right of the chat area, then click the Member Profile button along the top of the interface. This option allows you to choose a password. Some sites require you to fill out a registration form. Other sites assign a password for you and email it to you. You must fill out such forms completely and provide a valid email address....."

Several items of information are usually provided when you register your nickname to create a profile:

Any help would be lovely. Thanks! :)


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It seems the Java feed from which we get our Chat Room is temporarily out of Order I am looking into it now. If it is not going to be a quick fix i will disable the link until it returns to service. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Slo