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Wind Knights' Key


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Wind Knights' Key

To get to the Wind Knights' Key, you must first go to Labyrinth 1, accesible from the Dungeon Entrance. You will need to be at least level 20 and have possession of the Thieves' Key if you have not been to Labyrinth 1 yet. From there, go to Sirocco's Door, indicated blue on the map. If you have defeated Sirocco, you may go through this door, and go through the teleport beyond. If you have not, the door will be locked, and you will have to follow the branched-off path to defeat him (the exact spot is marked with a red S). Once you have done all this, and proceeded through the teleport to Labyrinth 2, follow the yellow path to another teleport (be cautious of the Zephyr Wind here), which will take you to the northern area of Labyrinth one, a thieves hideout. Here, go back to the first map and follow the yellow path to get to get the Wind Knights' Key, indicated with a red K on the map.

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