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YS Classic is here!!!


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Ok folks here is your chance to test drive the Tavern

http://www.yserbius.org/jav/ysclient.zip download the client exe's both windowed and full screen

extract them to a directory on your C drive perhaps c:\ys

follow this

start.......run..... at the prompt cmd.................. navigate to the directory you installed files in and type yserbius username password

Hit enter and if you have java like instructed before you will be on your way. I reccomend everyone meet up in Roleplay Inn to begin with

If you dont have your username and password yet please send me a private mail so i can get it in the system. thanks Slohand


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Now all we need is a little windows program added to that, that will automatically use that IP# and ask for username and password, without the need of DOS window. :)


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Well, I don't get it. The whole process baffles me. I did exactly what was told to me, pretty much. But there's no place to put in the numbers. I see button "Play Yserbius" "Quit to Dos", etc... I push them, nothing, except an error message "CONNECTION REFUSED" or something.

How about a little help? *shakes her tin can, cane flailing*


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For those that have blocked the ancient lost knowlege of how to make a dos bat file (to automaticly start it up)


Type in the following (things in italics will need to be replaced with your own information, PM Slohand for a password, and replace the directory path with where you installed the file. In my case I placed the Ys directory in my c:\Games directory)

username password

Save it as Ys.BAT and place on your desktop



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Just to Clerify whay BC said...

Cut and paste the following

yserbius username password
Replace "somedirectory" with the directory you unzipped the .exe file. Replace username with your username.
Replace password with your password.

File>Save As, ys.bat Save.

Click Start>Run>Type in Drive Letter:\somedirectory\ys.bat, then hit enter.

Boom! There ya go...

Fill in the italics of course...


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Very nice! MUCH easier than remember all the other stuff :)

I'm sure at one point.. I knew how ta do the .bat file.. but thanks for reminding me guys!!