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    14 Users online and...

    I'm the only one logged in and posting? Come on you cowards, show your faces, log and post! :D
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    Inn Revival ( Imaganation Network revival

    Has anyone used the version that McDougan linked above? I'd like to try to run TSNMACRO or VitF, but i'm unfamiliar with DOSBox and how to do it. Could anyone help walk me through setting one or both macros up?
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    Inn Revival ( Imaganation Network revival

    Downloading now...
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    I'd come back to play.
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    What Online Game are you Playing?

    I am playing as Rustie in SWTOR. I'm trying to remember my server, but I haven't logged in in about a month and a half - not enough at the end game to hold my interests and RL was making playing very tough. So as of right now, i'm not playing anything regularly. A few League of Legends games...
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    People I'm looking for

    IH, give me a call sometime and catch up! (909) 489-2997.
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    Anyone want to play WoW again?

    I might start my account back up just to play a little bit with you guys. You still playing WoW? How many TSNers are with ya?
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    Hail all and where are you!!

    Holy crap! I just came back to look over the forums, and had NO idea I got a return SNOG!! Well, i'm married now Nymph - and I still can't get my wife to understand what a SNOG is! Been a LONG time since I've been SNOG'd. Thank you so much Nymph for taking me in and helping me through the...
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    INN-vasion Reunion?

    Well I'd be willing to do an Inn-reunion with ya'all. I'd love to finally meet a lot of you in person. IH, where the hell are ya bud? By the way, I do live in So. Cal, and did go to one of Shammy's holiday parties. Just drop me a PM to let me know someone is throwing something together, or...
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    Grey, Tanar'ri, Blackleaf

    LOL 'Tude, long time no see! :)
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    ImagiNation Revival Project

    I've got 8 computers up and running on a T1 now; lets try to schedule a test run.
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    ImagiNation Revival Project

    "Have you actually been online? The server logs haven't been showing anyone connecting, although the logs do get overwritten any time I reset the server. I really need to fix that." Yes, I was online this morning a couple of times. Tonight i'm going to get my second home computer running it...
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    ImagiNation Revival Project

    Okay I get my T-1 up and running on the 19th of this month. Lets schedule the 21st, and I can have 8 computers for sure up and running. I just have to DL dosbox and your stuff for each of those computer. My server will be up and running this Thursday. So barring any issues I can be ready for...
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    ImagiNation Revival Project

    Also tonight i'll get my daughter on, and we'll play together on some of the games! Man I missed this place.
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    ImagiNation Revival Project

    WOOHOO! I'm up and running! BYoung, do you want me to run it all day to stress it for you, and setup a time to run 8+ comps?