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Seriously? Yserbias.org let some poser post under Lady China? Fine. A very long time ago Lady China said she was looking for old friends and lovers and Shaman because she wasn’t dead yet. Lady China is a character from MY imagination - she most certainly is not around at the current time because it seems that a gift cannot be appreciated without being tampered with. She never had any lovers except for Balor.
AND she (were she to grace a boring place with her humor and obnoxious charm) would most certainly not be seeking Shaman and neither am I.
This was my name on TSN (later INN). I was a sysop in the Mountain. If any of you remember me, give me a wave. Really excited to be here.
Thanks, its still a work in progress, i evolves so fast i dont have time to rebake before i am off on the next implementation. it will get there soon!
I am now playing Border Lands 3. Have all 4 chraters at Sanctuary it is very much like Yserbius 2 much fun come hang out. Have Lasers cars, jeep, helicopters .Quest come join the fun or is that you ?
Demo looked impresive sliglhy remanisnant, of Loki + VanHelsing very Colorful and Love what you have done with place.