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    Hail all and where are you!!

    Heyas, I know I am a few years late...LOL but I hope all is well. I am playing Guild Wars 2 now, on the Jade Quarry server as Arutha, look me up if you ever there. I havent played EQ2 in forever, maybe I come look for yas on there. :)
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    Cyren's Kids

    Hey Mom Hey Cyren, I am the Hunter from your list of children. ;p I and Jessica and EagleRyder all hung out together in Sword Swamp, and I am very familiar with some of the other names on that list, gosh I miss those days. I was only around 13 years old in RL back then and I am 30 now, but I...
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    Hail all and where are you!!

    Last KOY OverLord on Sword Swamp If memory servs right I was the last KOY Overlord on Sword Swamp...was Lord before that on SS under the honorable Lady Amyrlin..good friends..miss so many.
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    Lady seeks news of lovers/enemies - which are you?

    Ah Sword Swamp forever Anyone remember me, Hunter from there? I was "married" to Jessica...still miss her a lot. Miss the game a lot, miss a lot of my friends from back then and some enemies too :)