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    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    <Walks down from his penthouse suite to the Tavern bar area> What's all this racket then?! I've only been napping while waiting for the bar to get restocked. Tiger must have got side tracked in LarryLand stealing pretzels, Lady China must be squeezing every drop of wine out of the elves...
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    Why's the Bailey's Gone????

    I didn't see it <hic> but I'll let ya know if I... <Zzzzz....>
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    Article: TV-Series WALKING DEAD - Review

    I recently watched the first season on Netflix... in one afternoon. Yup all 6 eposides straight thru... it's that good and informative. I'm using the show as a research tool to ready myself for the Zombie Apocolypse. Another good resource is a book written by Max Brooks (you may have heard of...
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    So what has everyone been up too?

    Very nice Slo! It's good to see the tav back! Awww dang it... who invited Tiger? Slo, isn't that why you shut down the tav... to get rid of that bum? Oh well. Hey Sidd is Rift anything like the old RPG? I played it a few times back in the day before I discovered the benefits of alcohol. Those...
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    It was a pleasure meeting you and a blast 'venturing with you in YSOU! Take care M'Lady!
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    A sad day in Yserbius

    Navic enters the tavern after a long journey in the 'cano. A frown forms on his face as he inspects the blanket of dust and cobwebs that have over-run the once lively place. His weapon and gear drop to the wooden floor with an echoing thud. The place is cold, the fireplace void of color and...
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    Yserbius Ultima Online anyone?

    I too let the patch finish. No probs here... in fact was drinking ales with Slo lastnight until the chickens got too thick... they ran me off;) I think there was an Axella sighting too...
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    Spell effects per level and other misc theory

    I lost most of my stat sheets in the crash of 09 sorry :(
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    Yserbius Ultima Online anyone?

    Those were the days... "i have never laughed so hard or had as much as some of the times playing UO with you guys" Amen my Brother~/ I think it was months before I actually 'ventured past the town limits. We would spend hours in Haze’s Zoo ‘n Cabaret joking around about an NPC barmaid named...
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    Spells and Skills chart

    Not sure Tig. I can find any of my YS notes :(
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    Yserbius Ultima Online anyone?

    Count me in! Sheesh, my old house must be in shambles... boat prolly sank... plants all dead... Haze's House of Hilarity must be boarded up... my ~/ rusty... bloody pet's are a pile of bones... Hav Knot prolly "borrowed" all my furniture... Slo, pour the ale, it's time to straighten up the ship!
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    Spells and Skills chart

    I recorded stats for each spell and skill level but can't find it. Slo may have a copy(?). I have one more place to look... work computer. I'll check Monday.
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    To My friends LEFT & RIGHT

    There goes the neighborhood! ;)
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    How'd that mountain lion hunting trip go? Ya's playing WoW on your own server?
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    LOL... great commercial! Some of my drunkin shinanigan's would make great commercials... maybe better anti-drinking ones ;) Speaking of YSUO... I was cleaning my computer room tonight and just tossed out a bunch of my notes, maps and stuff. I couldn't depart with the screen shots of my...