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    Article: Who was this?

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/134-Who-was-this
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    what !!!

    Old SZ is still around, lads. I've been busy working, and playing World of Warcraft (Nassin - Lvl 80 Ret Pally on Azgalor US.) I haven't logged on in a couple months to this site so it was intriguing to see a YS private WoW server being set up by Slohand. :) I hope that all of my fellow...
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    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    Well, I finally got this up and running today -- been meaning to for awhile now :) I did copy back over my original automaps/mychars from 94 so i have access to all my chars. It was great fun to romp around elf villages/dwarf area for awhile, and I actually saw another player in the SS tavern...
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    Found my old YS/FoT printouts...

    One of the more interesting ones: http://yserbius.barbersonline.net/dorsai.jpg If you can't read it, here is the txt. I sent an INNMail to Dorsai asking for proper strategy for challenges. I don't remember who Dorsai is/was. Perhaps you can use this for building YSII. *NUDGE* *NUDGE* *WINK* or...
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    Anyone playing games that aren't MMORPG's?

    After YS I ended up playing door games on various BBSes for awhile. (Am I dating myself?). From there I ended up doing online QuakeWorld and the Realm. The Realm was a lot of fun, but levelling was really, really boring, and the servers tended to go down a lot, lag, and the patching process at...
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    Signature buggy?

    No matter what I type in it seems to be putting some extra HTML code in there (div and br codes) that I am not typing in when I input my signature. Slo, navic, can one of you or someone else please correct this so that people don't have to read it with my posts? Thanks - Adam
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    How to pronounce Yserbius?

    better to overanalyze than to underanalyze. :P Nah. Linguistics is one of my hobbies though. (I'm an English person.)
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    How to pronounce Yserbius?

    I pronounce it (ih-serbius), for several different reasons.. Y -> I is a linguistics trend in many languages, dead and alive cf. english (where Y and I have been mostly merged), welsh (still using Y, cf. dafydd for david) and in many other languages (notably the transcription of the play...
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    Time to start a little project fight

    Out of all the YS restoration projects I've been involved with (yes, Asunder (at xensoft), empiriana (a ripoff in my eyes of YS, sorry if i step on your toes with that comment), Mithrandel/Jason and the FauxINN project, and now ys.org) I think this one has the most chance of success because of...
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    The Guilds of Yserbius...

    Forgot my own guild of sorts.. HoT - Heroes of Twinion (FoT-only guild) My twinion char Farouk (a thief) was Captain of HoT for Volcano Run.
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    NOR still alive and prosperous

    http://www.newoutriders.com/ Strange to see an old friend such as my ex-guild of NOR is still around, and not only that, it's huge, spanning tons of current games! There are a few ex-INN'ers on there as well! *happy dance*
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    People I'm looking for

    I remember DQ. She mentored me in PvP for awhile. If I can find my old challenge logs I have logs of her, me, and several others in 6v6/4v4's.
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    Recreating Yserbius, TNT (The Next Thread)

    Whatever happened to FauxINN? They had succeeded in re-creating the facemaker/login routine and were going pretty good on making a SSI for the game. My only other concern would be copyright issues as TSoY is probably not PD or OS yet.
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    New scans available: INN Software Box

    Scanned the entire contents (including the box and the 14-page Quick Guide) of my ImagiNation software box. http://yserbius.barbersonline.net Hope you enjoy the scans! Sorry if the text is a bit hard to read, i use an ancient HP ScanJet 5100c.
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    Who was this?

    Found in one of my guild newsletters... Dear Friend, Just last week, we lost 2 dear friends of POY to a terrible tragedy. They are survived by their two children, Nicole and Anthony Whitley. Most of you asked how you could help the children, knowing as did we, that the children have a...