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What a weird thing it is, randomly wondering about something from your past one night and typing the name into the internets... Only to find signs of it still around! Only 15 years late but... anyone still floating around?


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I am here. I was never an active member of this community. But my life has finally started to settle down lately and I’ve been doing some vintage PC collecting/restoration and will hopefully soon be playing Yserbius on some actual hardware. I hope other people are still around so maybe I will get to know some of them.

I played this game when I was about 4-5. It’s actually how I learned to read. My mom was an avid gamer on our old 286 and later 386 and 486 and I would watch her play. Then I would play and ask her to read it for me. Eventually she refused and told me to figure it out. She says my first read word was “loot.”

Anyway, yeah, I’m around. Shoot me a message if you want and I’ll share my Discord details in case the site disappears. It seems quite inactive lately. I hope people come back.


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Likewise, I'm still here! Thanks for the shout-out Reonis. : )

I so appreciate Slohand and his work to keep this site up as a community archive. My favorite posts here are those regarding recreations of this game, and those about wanting to find that experience of playing on INN again. There's little I enjoy as much as reading about these efforts.

I've met my personal goal of recreating Yserbius and Twinion with the MedievaLands application. Currently I'm tinkering around the edges - adding better interfaces, adding speed running capabilities, and so on. I'm attaching a work-in-progress of that effort here.

I have some ideas for adding other games to MedievaLands, but no firm plans as of yet.

Take care, and keep in touch.


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