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hi there, recently started playing the game again. at level 32 now in the labyrinth. figured i would ask for some ideas on strategies you might have, and share some i have come up with

stats - mine got capped quite a few levels ago and now i have 4 stat points i can't even spend cause i'm capped. maybe this will get lifted at some point but still nothing. i stopped getting new points when i level up awhile back too
spells - obviously quite a few spells are useless playing solo, like party effects or resuscitate. so i'm capped out in the useful ones. i think all you really need is heal, control, and death darts. resist and shield may be sort of useful, but you have to spend a turn getting your butt kicked before it takes effect, and they don't really do much at the higher levels anyway i'm finding.
leveling - i'm doing it the honest way without vitaminf. at lower levels (15-25ish) i just grinded in d2 of the basement where there's always an orc fight. they die in 1 death darts. i was getting ~130k in 10 minutes. at my current levels i grind in the fight at k4 in the wizard room inside the labyrinth. fairly easy battle that gives like 10k-18k xp. i get ~280k per 10 minutes there.
gold - has been useless for a long time. mana restore potions are the only useful thing in the store anymore since i can cast death darts and control on my own now. would rather use up inventory slots with mana restore. i have 7.7m gold and not sure when i cross 10m if it will reset to 0.

i'm sort of stuck at this point. playing solo, all the deeper places i've gone have too many enemies which each hit for >1k a turn and all can paralyze, petrify, confuse, etc. it sucks. i'm hoping if i just over-level it will eventually be beatable
how do you handle big fights with 4-6 groups of enemies? what is your first move? control? death darts? something defensive? i'm finding my control doesn't work that well on the tougher enemies now either, but maybe it's a function of my own level and could work better as i level up. don't know.
do you find any of the other spells or skills useful? bard seems worthless. pickpocket seems worthless. lockpick once i got it seems worthless since i have the blue lockpick. channel seems worthless - you can only use it on 1 group and any tough fights have 6 groups of enemies. pursuit seems stupid - why would i want to chase down an enemy who runs away? intimidate has never done anything even when i try on low level enemies. deflect magic seems to never do anything.