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    Article: InnBubba...

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/130-InnBubba
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    whether in the cano of old or not...DEADZ will never die!!
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    Okay, here's my list

    Fi was just some little snot nosed hack from TSN days... heh.. Can't believe he's one of my bro's now...HAHA! :wink:
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    It's good to see the old place again

    heh,,,once ya hit 60, the game gets even worse ;p
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    Wondering about others...

    hey brudda :) nah,,,dropped AC awhile ago. we have Deadz on 3 servers in WoW atm, but as per usual,,,I am wondering what is new and exciting in some other world by now. Something about level caps and an end game which only is raiding and pvping tends to turn me off on a game quicker than most...
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    am I still on the pally list?...heh
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    How about a Merc Takeover?

    oh hell yeah,,,nuthin like a good old bar fight... damn I miss those days. KMA ya bastages! :)
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    Anyone playing games that aren't MMORPG's?

    depends who ya ask :twisted:
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    is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

    duh,,,what's roleplay? :wink: only role I play is a big old pita, whether in Deadz or Merc attitude {and they are VERY different}... hmmm...wife says I do that in the r/w also... :roll: damn, caught agin' so,,,what is roleplay? :twisted: hey Somby :wink:
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    I called him my second father as I grew up with his boys as some of my best friends and was in their house as much {more?}as my own. An ex-engineer for Sikorsky, he started playing a very new concept called TSN after he suffered a stroke and could no longer work. Being the only one of all the...
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    Wondering about others...

    heh,,,yell at her to come say hi! ;p
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    Go Anonymous, go!

    first thing I do in WoW is turn off ALL general chat and shouts :wink:
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    Wondering about others...

    does anyone still keep in touch with others who are no longer here? I have seen BeggarBob's name mentioned and it got me wondering about others. Anyone know anything about another old friend? BunnyGirl.
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    Making Rounds

    I agree Tiger
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    Eep! ;p

    hey Die,,,aye...ltns. :D good ta hear ya still around and kicking :)